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  1. Where do you live bull?You riding it out? Right now it looks like we are unless something sick happens like it hits cat 5 and heads straight for us.<- from southwest Louisiana hereanyway, I figured I'd blog about it here:http://gustavexperience.blogspot.com/Good Luck to us both
  2. this is pretty sick....didn't someone make back to back sunday million wins last year?
  3. Ok... those 2 replies make me think I was off with something. Do they not run every 10 minutes?
  4. I don't know how fast the 20/180's fill up on stars, but I'm guessing it takes about 10 minutes. 6 per hour, 72 per day, with no limit on the amount of tables you can play at one time...Say you have a 1 in 20 chance of final tabling... You'd probably have to lay me > 15:1
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