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  1. the penn vs edgar fight was close and the way the judges have been latley i figured they would have given it to penn just becasue edgar didnt do that much to really convince them he won but i also think penn was out of shape, just like steve said he trained in hawaii instead of california and it looked like he had no desire to win with the way he moved around the cage and also with not listening to his corner when they told him to take edgar down in the third.the silva vs maia was complete garbage, the first two and a half rounds i didnt mind cause he was taunting and attacking but the last ha
  2. i think the live one will start at 1pm et but the reairing will be at the same time all the others have been 10pm et/7pm pt
  3. alves vs. fitch rebooked for ufc 115
  4. the fights were all pretty good, dissapointed with gomi a little bit, i expected more out of him, also i think it would be in the best interest in caol uno if he just dropped down to 145 or even 135
  5. no replacement for thiago, there just going to move kurt pellegrino vs fabricio camoes into the ppv cardedit: another last minute change, ben saunders will now fill in for thiago alves, and jake ellenberger will be given his show and win purse for the last minute change
  6. picking gsp is pretty much a no brainer there mir/carwin i agree mir is over confident in his stand up but i see him taking this one to the ground and with his new body i think he can keep carwin down and either pulling out a submission or a decision alves/fitch unless alves learned anything from the gsp fight, fitch will win this rematch with his wrestling again.diaz/markham i think this weight will be better for diaz, he is on a much better diet now and will have more energy so i see this one going his way
  7. vera suffered three fractures in his cheekbone, jones has some nasty elbow strikes from the top, kind of reminds me of the razor blade elbows david loiseau had back in the day
  8. yeah i just did after somebody pointed that out to me earlier today, either way my hate for kos still lives on
  9. great fights on saturday, was very happy forrest won, dont like kos so was dissapointed he won but after crying about a fake poke/knee to the wrong eye made my hate for him grow, little nog was expecting the win but not in that fashion, amir vs baroni was an easy win for amir, did anyone watch the wec wed. so how about aldo kids a beast at 22
  10. karo is out of 106 and dana said he will not be fighting in the ufc anymore
  11. nice, no more spaghettie for a while
  12. confused me there with the whole "in football you get a yellow for warning and a red is a send off" statement then it all made sense when i saw that you are from scotland, well played sir, well played
  13. marquardt vs sonnen under concideration for 108 or 109, this match is just a slap to the face of nate, how many times are they going to keep dodging him his title shot, this is ridiculous
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