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  1. Bahahaha looks like another staker will end up with a loss. When will you philanthropists realize just how unprofitable staking donks is? In future I recommend limiting your stakes to the 4.4$ donkfests, at least that way the losses will be smaller The day I stake a donk is the day I become one.
  2. I have no problem with the donks reading the threads in the superior forum section:however, it is when I have to read their incoherent crap that I get awfully pissed off.Basically, donks should know their limits: poker is a hierarchal system therefore donktards should know their place in this poker society. I don't mind the donks reading and benifiting from mine and other high quality posts.In fact, in a way, they pay for it with the chips they donate at the poker table,it's not entirely dissimilar to a tuition fee.But do the pupils in a school mingle with the teachers?Absolutely not! And that
  3. By constructing a meaningful argument which resulted in all your tiny donk brains malfunctioning, thats how. I made a superb suggestion which would greatly improve the coordination of this forum and in essence, separate the donks from the pwners. I am tired of having to share forum space with the donks who constantly destroy poker threads with their complete lack of ability to analyze hands,make meaningful comments etc There should be a section of this forum where the donks can congregate and discuss the critical hands at $2nl,surely thats better then us superior players having to read that g
  4. WTF? I pwned you all and you somehow twist this around? Just how retarded is this forum? I should change my name to "FCP_Pwner", I'd love to know where some of you play,needless to say it wouldn't take long to reach 200nl.
  5. Lol you need a degree in paleography to understand some of the illegible crap you post, did you not make it past the 5th grade? illiterate donk lol
  6. Troy,even you who has just incinerated 390$ for no reason, and will undoubtedly never stake another donk again after this disaster has to agree with me. All I am suggesting is a separate forum section where the donks can assemble and beg for stakes. As a result, the more endowed poker players with a superior poker brain and ability can discuss the important dimensions of the game.What is the problem here?
  7. Untrue, I think stakes can be useful to the donks,but why not have a separate section for them? Why should i have to trawl through all these dreary threads about some donks who are too broke to buy into a micro stakes tourney? Some of us are trying to better our game by talking about multi-thought-process decision making and meta game analysis amongst countless other aspects to the game. If you want to scrounge around for stakes than fine! but do it somewhere that doesn't affect the more important poker players. Thank you!
  8. Let me make a suggestion to all you donkbags! Why not have a stake section where all you broke donkers can go and receive you poker equivalent to social security.Meanwhile, the more respectable members of the poker community can engage in meaningful poker discussion! How do you like those apples?
  9. I just did donktards and one of the first threads I notice is "the strategy forum is dying" LO0L PWNED! vindicated yet again! This proves that I am correct. The stakes are suffocating this forum!
  10. Great! so you helped a donk out which is very considerate of you, but can you not take a second and look at it from my perspective? I come on this forum to garner information from decent players to improve my game and I have to trawl through countless stake threads.It is sickening I must say! I am sure there are some proficient players here, but I have yet to see a post which includes useful poker content.The stake threads seem to take over which for novice players is great ,but for the likes of me who are seriously trying to build a decent bank roll it sucks quite frankly!
  11. Yeah I have moved up, but I think 200 nl is the minimum level that isn't completely awash with limping donk bastards! This is the 1st time I am taking bankroll management 100% seriously so I guess I'll just have to grind it out.
  12. I get the point that it's good to help out beginners :However, there are literally hundreds of stake threads which kind of illustrates that there are far to many novices knocking about here.I came here to help my game progress, not have to trawl through these tedious threads.Maybe I should seek a forum that is more on my level.
  13. Those apples are scrumptious thanks.Anyway no, I am building my roll and 390$ would be a blow to it tbh.It is steadily increasing(started with 30$ and am PWNING donks daily) and I am sure I'll soon be playing at the same level as you.whilst I appreciate the huge donations the donks make they do occasionally suck out badly, so far from staking them I prefer to demolish their stacks at any available opportunity.I hope I haven't joined a total donk community.
  14. Well said, I now see that it was more of a charitable donation as opposed to a serious attempt to profit.Fair enough I suppose, generosity is great but you would have received the same positive response if you had offered 10$ stakes.But like I said, if you don't mind torching 390$ then that is a great situation to be in.I try to procure money from donks not donate it TBH but everyone is different.
  15. Maybe you could demonstrate this "community spirit" by actually not being so unfriendly. Anyway, by all means if you have 390$ to set fire to then go ahead.
  16. Lol I was just saying it was crazy to stake a load of donks in a tourney thats all really. It was generous I will say that, however, any player that has the ability to realistically final table will simply enter the tourney himself and hence not have to part with half the winnings. Sorry if people find reality tough to deal with.
  17. You do make a good point,but it seems such a shame to quit playing when running good/having built up a few buyins. Still, I do think it's important to fix these leaks in my game,I want to play at a semi-respectable level.Sick of playing donks!
  18. If I have something to say I'll say it regardless so get used to it. I don't want to be staked so that threat matters little to me(unless its the Sunday million) If I grind out a decent result in a 20$ tourney I bloody well want to pocket the full amount, not half! Glad you understand.
  19. Whilst it's not as detrimental as normal tilt I have noticed it really does impact on my game, For example;If I am up 4 or more buyins my concentration level dwindles andI don't feel I am playing at my optimal level. It is frustrating as just as I have conquered my negative tilt issue, I am now faced with this problem of which the solution is less clear.Any ideas?
  20. This has to go down as a tragic waste of cash: 390$ kabalmo! I suggest that in future you are more selective with your minions. Oh well
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