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  1. The wiseguys who took ATL rest their case.Later..
  2. If it were a straight up skill contest on a neutral field and all things equal, Philly wins it no question. BUT ITS NOT. Philly is emotionally not in the right frame of mind right now. I don't care what McNabb says about he and TO being able to get it done on the field regardless of hardly being on speaking terms. That combined with a home advantage for Atlanta makes it a value bet to take the point and the Falcons at home. Also out of curiosity can anyone find the Falcons getting more than a point anywhere right now online? Later.
  3. If anyone can access the post titled "Drunken Idiot" which is in close proximity to this one, that is EXACTLY the type of problem I am talking about, perfect case in point.
  4. OK, I am sure this has been addressed to some extent somewhere in this forum, but I wanted to open up a discussion about it because I am certain that for some of the players here (and everywhere else), this has been a hidden problem and a drain on their bankroll. The title of the post says it all. I am wondering how many people have experienced problems with lackluster play due to either fatigue or inebriation on a fairly consistent basis. The reason I bring this up is that I am becoming annoyed with this problem in myself and am wondering how others have coped. I have been
  5. Definitely read The Zen of Gambling by Wayne Allen Root. Whoever said it isn't the greatest read is mistaking badly. It is not only a great sports gambling primer but an inspiring book in the sections about life in general. It sort of changed my life.
  6. Matusow needs to be put on suicide watch ASAP. Seriously someone call 911.
  7. Acesgotcracked, firstly how could you name someone like Cheserton in the same sentence as Socrates, Aristotle, and Aquinas, and second of all I suggest you read Ayn Rand because she finished what Aristotle started and corrected his philosophic flaws, of which there were not many, but the few were important, and his theory of an immovable mover can be interpreted as the universe in general and not necessarily as God as a side note. Also, to whoever posted about the infinite regress thing being proof that God exists, honestly do I have to ask the question? Isn't God's existence subject to the
  8. Nate The Great......or Nate the G.O.A.T., one of the two...
  9. This beans and icewater is hilarious....I mean seriously....who names themself beans-n-icewater and proceeds to explain why to everyone on an internet poker forum?
  10. My roommate recently told me that he has hit four ROYAL STRAIGHT FLUSHES in the past three weeks. He has been four tabling SNG's and cash games for a portion of that time and usually been playing at least two tables. Has anyone ever heard of anyone hitting this many royal flushes in this short a time?
  11. This is the funniest thing I have ever read. Esfandieri literally admits that he has no self esteem, surprising for someone so succesful at what they do. If he was REALLY that much of a hustling PIMP, why does he post it on the internet? TO make everyone laugh at him? Well I guess it worked....
  12. First of all poker is aboslutely not the most dangerous job in the world and I have no idea what made you say that. Fishing for crab in the Bering sea in Alaska has the highest death rate per worker of any job on earth as a matter of fact. Also poker is similar to many desk jobs in terms of the hours spent sitting down and what not, the only difference being that players have more freedom to take breaks if they need to re tune physically. If they misuse that freedom it is not the fault of the profession, it is a personal problem.
  13. Rebuys are amazing,I played in two 20 rebuy tourneys at the Bicycle in LA a couple of months or so ago and it was awesome. In the first one, people at my table were literally going all-in blind just to screw around even when they had a decent chip stack, then just rebuying for 20 bucks and not caring. The majority of people were putting very little thought into their decisions in the first hour, and then after that it got very serious just like any tourney. Even in the second tourney I was at a much tighter starting table but people still would make calls and say "Oh, it was just a rebuy t
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