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  1. Off this week before a run at midnight shifts for awhile. Looking to spend a day at Rama for abit of fun. Bit of a night owl this week and was curious what is Rama like late at night? Are they even poker games still running at 4am? What limits are played? Be happy to post about ze trip but would like your guys input before heading up tomorrow.
  2. Wait, $440+$70? What?So $400 +40 rake +70 admin fee? Are all live tourny's like this? Blue Heron runs tourny's, thought about a trip up there soon, figured it'd be fun, but I haven't looked into their rules yet.
  3. FCP's room must be remade, and improved natch.Full Contact Poker:"No rake, and where the sexy dealers are flush red heads."
  4. Same deal here, my parents split when I was very young and father was very absent. Wasn't until my early twenties that I reconnected albeit slightly, with him. So I was raised by a single mother. I'm not psychotic, or damaged in any way, so I turned out fine. I do however think my childhood would of benefited greatly from a stable household with a mother and a father. There are a number of things I missed out on, a number of horrid memories that had to be forgotten from bad paths taken. Again the key is, the ideal family would be one mother, one father, in a stable household. Really tho how ma
  5. I play these on CD Poker, don't ask me why I bother playing on CD Poker. Anyway I'm still new, but I know I'm better than 50% of the field, these things are perfect for me to gain a roll. Been doing well enough so far getting my feet wet.
  6. Nicks, nicks, nicks, learn people's nicks. Alot on stars don't use avatars, and those that do will change them at random. For me personally I've had more luck with smaller poker sites where the player base is smaller, easier to take in all the characters. Tho there is a better selection of games at FT & PS, at times it's overwhelming the amount of people playing online.
  7. Motion X Dice Poker is sweet, my wife swipes my iTouch all the time to play it. I have the Hold'em game that uses video for the other players, I usually play in the stripped down basic view, and it's fairly decent. AI is fairly basic, folds perhaps a little too easily. I love the controls, very natural to fold by swiping. Was worth the ten bucks I paid for it.
  8. With all the crap in chat, I wonder how many pro's just mute it all. Either that or use an alt nick.
  9. I'm inspired, truly in awe. You are my muse, I have composed this little rap in attempt to gain sponsorship.Yo yo yo, check it B,I hip hop with my King 'n Bitch Queen of C,Bettin and raisin, all-in if need be.Show no fear Ace off-suite enough to bootWord to yo momma boyeeeeeee!Please give me money kthxbai.-SJ
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