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  1. Hi again guys.Don't really have alot of info on villian, he is quite new to the table. 10 handed table, blinds 10c/10c.Hero has: A T T 8 :club:I'm in the small blind, so i just check the hand1 person limps before villian, and 3 people limp after him. Making us 6 people to the flop cause me and BB checkedFlop: (60c in the pot)K 4 3 :club:its checked around to villian, and he bets 20c. he gets one caller + me. Turn: (1.20 dollars in the pot)8 :heart:I check, villian bets 20c again, and the person with position pot bets 1.40 dollars.now I think for a while, and I call. Was probably quite stu
  2. Sorry, the blinds were 10c/10c.
  3. Hi guys. Okay, a little bit of history first, the villian, has like 20% preflop fold but at the same time he is a really big winner. I see him play quite often and he has almost always more then the buy in.. He doesnt seem to play to stupid after flop, although he pushes me around alot since I don't like playing rubbish hands. (and I seem to never ever hit something hehe) Villian is in the cut off and has like 22 dollars (10 is the buy in (yes I know, very small stakes, dont expect much ^^,))Hero is in the small blind and has like 11 dollars. Villian pot bets preflop, and I re-pot him. He c
  4. "We" as in we who are good and can easily steal pots then or "we" as in the forum.. hehe:P Okay, then his call was definitely bad, thanks for validating that. Probably my biggest weak point in poker is that doubt my plays sometimes, and go over the hand in my head over over just trying to figure out what I did wrong, when I'm in that mode I tend to pay less attention, resulting in worse play obviously. ^^,Well Thanks once again. Gotta start using this forum more :)Instead of just checkin' it out like once a week.
  5. bdc30: okay, will post that way in the future. thank you for your input Also one thing just to make sure my way of playing is atleast decent. His call on the flop out of position with top pair is a really bad call right? Even if he has alot of backdoor draws I personally thought of it as really bad call.Cause I fold those situations like 95% of the time.
  6. Hi.Villain(OOP): A Q K 10:diamond: Me(Middle postion): A J 10:diamond: 8 baDONKaDONK(on the btn): ??? Did not see his hand, he called with anything though, top pair was worthy of calling two streets with.FLOP:Q 9 4 I pot bet, semi bluff.Both call.Turn:K I hit my straight, I pot bet.They both call.River: 2 giving Villain a flush. He checks. Do I bet or check? Betting practicly puts me all in. or at least commited if he re-raises me.baDonkaDonk is virtually all in al ready. And im not worried at all about him.I bet this river, seeing it as a value type bet thinking that he couldn
  7. Thanks for the advice!Didn't help to much though since I seem to be cursed tonight hehe Lost with KK against AALost with nut straight against runner runner flushLost with a set against a flush drawLost with a set against a gut shot + one overcard..Well did get one 5xdubbel up with J6o. which got me back to the starting chips, Well except for the cursed part I did play alright Id have to say, how would I otherwise be able to fund their suck outs so much eyy ^^, hehe.. Well rather be eliminated 57 out of 83, then second Love ya !
  8. Hi! Well I'm playing in a freeroll tourney tomorrow on Pokerstars..Its a weekly tourney which you can qualify to through another freeroll.61 are registered atm and I believe there will be max 80 as a total, probably something like 70 though.anyway, only the winner gets the price which is a seat in a 10 man tourney in the bahamas. What I'm wondering is how should one play in a tourney where only the first price gives you a price? Are there any diffrent tactics?
  9. Thank you for the advise, no more betting those type of hands for me then @cappy, I got alot out of your post especially, Believe it might improv my chances of being a winner at the PLO tables. TY!
  10. Hi! I recently started playing Pot limit omaha Hi/Lo, and by recently I mean yesterday. well I started by winning 22 dollars but today I'm up like 11 dollars only. Anyway there is one hand I really like to know how to play it since ive been in similar situations many times during these past 2 days of play.okay its the turn, 9 dollars in the pot, 2.5 for me to call, If i call and hit I can max jam in 3 dollars more.the board is T847 with three clubs.. There are 2 people in the hand other than me, Im 95% sure one of themhas the flush and that the other one has a decent low hand.. Ive got T84, m
  11. Well the month has just started and Iv'e already completed this goal Quite positive that my 500 points in the mercury division will keep me a safe ranking close to the top 10.. hopefully I will make the top 10 and get my self a ticket to the triple shootout..
  12. I havent played to long but this same thing happend to me so I also went back down a level, although I went from 3.40 STT to 1.20 MTT.. But My bankroll has started to go upwards again. After losing several SNGs in a row on the 3.40 level my mind got very clouded and I started to doubt everything I did, I plan on going back up after another weeks play at the 1.20 level. I think you should stick with your 1.20 STTs until your confidence is rebuilt, sounds good to me anyway. Since I'm doing the same thing as you.
  13. First time ever setting a goal.June was my first month of poker, my 50 dollar deposit was at one moment at 175.. After a couple of rough days i ended up at around 150 dollars. quite happy with that amount.July goals:- Get my depositor bonus. (shouldnt be to hard) 430 out of 500 collected.- Make my 150 into 300. (not including my deposit bonus)- Try to make some extra money by cashing in the Battle of planets leaderboard. - Decide which pokersite will be my next to whore myself another depositor bonus. - And the most important goal is to learn more poker. There are still some mistakes I make at
  14. I have noticed that many people gamble heads up, Usually when I'm heads up I usually take home the win actually. I Either come first or third usually. (probably because I play to win).
  15. Hi, First post here at your great forum :)I wish to start by saying sorry if there is a similar topic, i tried finding my answer through the search engine but couldnt really find it. Also, I wish to apologise if this is in the wrong part of the forum, wasn't sure were this belonged but I assumed here.Well, anyways. I play 3+.40 dollar 9 handed SnGs at Pokerstars. I believe my game is quite alright for being a beginner (began with internet poker for roughly a month ago, and before that i had only played some poker with friends live. Im up from 50 dollars to nearly 170, dont know if thats good b
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