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  1. And the 4th post agrees with... Call and re-evaluate on the turn.Sure he could have a set. he could easily have fd's and sd's. If he did have a set wouldnt he be more likely to c-raise us?Call, and see what the turn brings. I dont play these limits, but i would usually always call here and see what the turn brings.Out of interest, if you did call that is, what did the turn bring, and what did he do?
  2. id be interested. - Got accounts at Stars and AP. Good idea mate
  3. sounds cool. ive bn playing plo for ages. Been looking for a thread like this :)I play under Bernabus at AP. Mainly .25/.50 HU but i dabble at 6 max and .5/1I have AIM aswell - Bernabus20Would love to gethelp from somethin like this. - Im totally psyched lol!
  4. Yeah, i keep bettin. Sure the J brought a 9 10 straight, but he could easily have a hand like A5. A check, and you could lose value here imo, as he could c/c.Your hands way too strong to just check this. At 25NL PLO ppl are calling stations. I assume in NLHoldem its pretty much the same.Bet with your strong hands. Dont try anything too fancy unless you know your opponent very well.Bet anything between $3-$4, and call a raise unless he shoves.(that right? a shove is the nuts 100%?)
  5. Raise to ~400 and fold to a 3bet.(this value bet too small?)
  6. I think it costs to watch. I like Baseball, but not the much lol. Not yet anyhow.
  7. Im a noob. I completely love your thinking, and take back my arguments for c-betting lolI need to get me one of those HEM/HUD things.
  8. tbh i dont like checking. Sure he may fire a few bullets, but your giving up control of the pot, giving him a chance to bluff, at a relatively scary board. I would only check, like skillz says, to raise his ass! What if he bets, you call, and the turn comes a spade. Now what? I would bet out $15, possibly folding to a raise, as he may call you along the way with a 10/f-draw, but raises with a premium hand.Re-evaluate on turn.What do those stats mean again, i keep forgetting.
  9. I missed the last hand and bit after that What was the chat?
  10. gg dude, well mind you did run pretty well to get HU - 10Q>A10 A7>AJSayin that, pretty shoddy play by loopers, thats poker eh? Still, 5k more than when you started. Maybe it'll feel nicer later on.
  11. I love it how this whole time loopers has been saying "deal?"Wandigos version of a deal is him being 1st lol. nothing else
  12. Nice flop sirPokerStars Game #30769613737: Tournament #180540310, $20+$2 Hold'em No Limit - Level XXX (25000/50000) - 2009/07/22 22:23:06 ETTable '180540310 71' 9-max Seat #3 is the buttonSeat 3: wandigo (1275365 in chips) Seat 5: loopers33 (1352900 in chips) Seat 6: kidpoker406 (3090984 in chips) Seat 9: 4Criminoles! (886751 in chips) wandigo: posts the ante 5000loopers33: posts the ante 5000kidpoker406: posts the ante 50004Criminoles!: posts the ante 5000loopers33: posts small blind 25000kidpoker406: posts big blind 50000*** HOLE CARDS ***4Criminoles!: folds wandigo: raises 60505 to 110505lo
  13. Is there a way to watch it live?
  14. Ewwwwwwwwwwww.What a flop though eh! Did you think you had it for a millisecond?
  15. I recently went on a trip to NY, and was lucky enough to see a Yankees game. (Yankees v Tampa Bay i think?) "We" won 4-3, with 3 runs coming in the 8th.The atmosphere was awesome, and the fact that both teams sets of fans were sitting together(is this usual?) was great, very unlike soccer here in the UK, and that 8th innings was unforgettable. Being able to see you saw a Yankees guy hit a homer was pretty sweet aswell- Nick Swisher i think.All of the things i say here may be incorrect, i am a total noob lol, so please correct me if i am. :)What i am getting at, is being in the UK, baseball ain
  16. Yeah. I ruled out folding completely. Tbh i kinda pushed cos i was scared i didnt have the balls to call the river when it, no doubt, came a scare card, which could easily hit villains range(which, might i add, is VERY wide).If you called the turn, would you be calling most rivers, assuming he shoves.If no- what rivers wouldnt you call.Thanks again for your input.
  17. Ok, thanks a lot. Maybe i shoulda called then, on the basis of what everyone here says. Next time, against a similar opponent, i shall just call them :)You can probably guess, i shoved, and he thought for 10/15 seconds, then folded.Skillz. Where do you play, i would love to watch you one time. ( i realise how pervy this sounds lol)
  18. Yeah, thats what i figured, my push does seem like a bluff, so maybe he wouldnt give me credit.The bolded part. Is this how you all feel?
  19. 1st off, that hand with a pair of Q's, i 5bet, because he was trying to push me around. I didnt think he had much, and didnt want to flat call, see a possibly scary turn.2ndly, with A5, i honestly figured i was good on the flop. I didnt 4-bet him pf, as i didnt want to see a K-Q-4 flop and fold to a flop bet. I thought i was ahead, and pushed on the turn, cos i thought he had not very much, and didnt want him to outdraw me on the river (wrong decision, very possibly)Thanks for your thoughts though matey. I feel i am very average at 50nl and want to fix some leaks i have.Given my info though,
  20. I understand what your saying, but calling leaves us stranded almost i feel. We still know nothing about the strength of Villains hand. He has shown before he can 4-bet bluff, so a 3rd barrell aint outa the question.This isnt saying that shoving isnt any better tbh. It just stops villain gettin a "free" card.I'm not meaning to be ignorant btw, i just generally feel that shoving is the best, but i wanna know why every single poster has said Call>>Shove here LOLOn a side note i LOVE your pic lol. awesomeness.
  21. Yeah, to be perfectly honest, i think Shove>>Fold>>Call. I just dont know whether its the right thing to do.What do you think?
  22. Yeah, i realise it is hard to analise from this one hand, but all you guys seem to be leaning towards calling this turn bet? Why?Calling leaves us with $46, and a pretty good chance that villain will fire a 3rd bullet regardless of the river.So, if we call, there is countless river cards that would be scary enough for me to fold eg: 7,8,9,10,J,Q,.Heck, most rivers are scary as villains range is so wide.So, say i call.river is 10h. Villain shoves. Hero?
  23. Been playin with the guy for 20minutes or so. I had HEM, but then it stopped working, so no help on that front.By my estimation, he has been pretty eratic. 3-betting roughly 20%. He recently 4-bet bluffed my bet on the flop when i had Q-8 on a flop of Qc 7c 6c. I pushed, he insta folded.What im asking is, am i good enough here often enough for a push to be profitable( calling isnt ok right?) or does he have A-x (where x>5) more often.Thanks in advance. Andy.PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $0.50 BB (2 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comVillain (BB) ($110.15)Hero (SB) ($8
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