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  1. Daniel, is there anyway that you could re-create some of the hands that won you the BC Championship?Thanks
  2. Just wander what you guys like to do when your sitting on a big stack in the middle rounds and find yourself card dead. Opinions would be great on later position pushes or what?How do you play it?
  3. We'll add you and your mother to our prayer list.Stay strong in Christ. He'll give you both the strength you need.
  4. Just want a little confirmation and advice on the ladies.Sunday Millions today. QQ second hand on the button. Just me and the BB after I raised preflop. Flop is 10 9 4 rainbow. He checks, I raised and he went all in. I folded. Bad move?Live MTT week ago Tuesday. Final table. I have qq in BB. Both of us have almost same average table stacks. I'm ahead maybe 5k. Button raises 3x. I call and we're heads up. Flop hits 9s 10s Jh. I bet half the pot. He reraises. I look at the guy and tell him he doesn't have aces and he doesn't kings but I think he has 14 outs and I think I can win
  5. Shove pre.I doubt jacks, but reraise and all in? Kings. He doesn't want to see an ace hit so he's all in afraid you have AK and he doesn't want to give you a free card to hit the ace.
  6. No, I just think that it would be a great idea to have someone from this forum coaching a subject and Cowboy would be a great candidate for stud 8.
  7. Oh, I forgot about you for a minute there T. Another great example of someone that has nothing better to do. Unlike Dip, I have never understood why you joined in, unless dip is your significant other or maybe you are dip. Forgot to thank you for the lesson too.Thanks for the send off!Good luck in micro.
  8. Dipstick is a great example. Be warned though. After signing on to PVT and becoming a better poker player, you'll have fish like him that can't afford PVT come after ya. Just remember. They don't want you to sign up because it puts them further back in the food chain. They depend on people that are just playing at poker. See, Dip is like so many out there that just sign onto a forum and think they will become better players by osmosis. Don't get me wrong, the strat forum here is wonderful. I have learned a ton from it. I encourage everyone to watch that forum closely. There are a lot
  9. Put out the bait and the FISH will bite.Dip, thanks for showing everyone out there the reasoning behind PVT forming their own private forum! Thanks Dip. I owe you one.Dip is a great example of why you need to sign up for PVT. This poor devil didn't and is still upset about a bad beat from earlier this year. Tell ya what dipstick, I'll even coach you for free so you'll stop whining and start winning.Get over it man.
  10. This will probably be the one of the last times I post here since I will be spending all my time on the Pokervt forum so I just want to leave you with this.PVT is on the move! After some bumps along the way, the road is smoothing out. As the most successful student, many of you might have heard a few of my concerns about the direction things were going. It seemed like the site that I once loved was starting to slow down and maybe even give in to the naysayers. No doubts now. I am proud to be the Pokervt poster child again! They are determined to make this site work and not only that, th
  11. Make sure to click on the first thread and tell them that you are having problems. I am having the same problem but they are able to fix it if you tell them that your account is having trouble.Good luck on the resolution. Just remember that if you are leaving on a badbeat, you're playing good poker. I know that's not much comfort but know that the odds are on the side of the player that's playing right.
  12. www.Pokervt.com/forumI think you'll be impressed with what they are doing there. BTW, they talk about not losing control on the site. If you find out a way to make it work for you, please tell me. I done extremely well with Daniels system and still find myself in situations like last night. My brother and I played a tournament and I was 2 away from the final table. I had only played 1 hand in two orbits and had AQ. BB called my 3x raise. He won the hand with K7 off. Next hand after break was the next hand I played and had KdQd. Flop was AKQ. I moved all in and the guy called with 10
  13. I hear ya. Online, the three footers are touching the edges constantly! Live tournaments rock. Keep working at it is all I can tell ya.Is it deep in the tourney that you're having problems too?
  14. I know this hasn't been much of an update, for those few that read this thread. I wasn't going to play until the first of the year but I was itching to try the Extreme SB in live tournaments again. It worked great. Three of us chopped the nice little MTT. Sad to say, I don't know how many live 1st and 1st chops that is now since PVT. Kinda nice to say that. I think it's closing in on 20 this year. I don't say that to brag. I say that in hopes that if you don't have much of game, you'll check out PVT. The site is really starting to boom. Updates are great! The thing that PVT has give
  15. Well, I have been pumped about extreme small ball so even though I said I wasn't going to another tournament this year, I played in a live MTT and chopped 1st place in a $75 rebuy. I used it exactly the way you're teaching it on the Sunday Millions and Carver's sb strat and it works. Proof Positive!Not bad stuff Daniel.
  16. Go to Daniels Q/A and click:"Is there some way to develop my poker instincts?"Daniel talks about reads and such there.Good luck
  17. Fantastic results. Congrats. Just bad luck. Don't know what Daniel is going to say but you can either quit or forget about the last hand and last tournament when you leave the room. If you can't put it behind you, you'll start pushing when you should be pulling. I was crippled in the WSOP Main Event this year with A-7 and flopped AA7. He bet half his stack to rep AK and I called he bet more on the turn and I called. I talked him out of the last bet becaus I saw the 4h in his hand. He was shaking so bad when the 3h hit the turn and then the 5h hit the river. I told him not to bet too mu
  18. Fantastic!!!Nothing like that MTT large field win is there?! Congrats!
  19. Ok guys. Most of you know that I have said since day one that I have had no success in SB for cash games. Well, I have to take it back now.After watching Daniel in the Sunday Millions, I started hitting the cash tables and using the same system. It might be all the things I am doing before I sit down, I don't know, but it's working for me. I can't communicate it the way it needs to be explained but it works.I know this. There is not much invested and it's easy to get off a hand. When I have a hand I get more investors in the pot. If I hit the flop big, I usually get more for my money si
  20. I can't believe this hasn't been done already!How hard could it be?Great idea bro.
  21. Thanks for the post! Another great example that the Coaches need to reply to on PVT. I hope they will post things on PVT that will show "How to get the Biggest Bang for your Buck when you don't have much time!" I too would like to see more coaching on how to begin. We see a lot of "Now that I'm a pro, I do this!" We might need more of "If you don't have a lot of time, you might want to focus on...."I will tell you this. Since I've been semi-successful with PVT, I've made a lot of friends that are pros. We talk strat and most of them tell me that they focus a lot on SNG's because they ca
  22. Dude, this is a perfect post for what I hope to accomplish here! You've made great remarks on what you're doing right now and what you're doing wrong. This will help the guys teaching on PVT know what to focus on.You mention in the first part that you are seeing improvement so that's great.Now where I think PVT needs to focus on guys with the problems you are having is teaching "Patience" and "Discipline". Those are the two things that I have to practice every time I sit down! You're not alone. In no way am I going to attempt to say that I have anything that it takes to be a coach but I'
  23. Ok guys, this is for those of us that have been successful with PVT.Ignore the bashers because more than likely they would lose with or without PVT. lol You might not have had my success but I know there are guys out there winning because you stop and tell me when you see me. From those that are winning in micro or whatever. This is your chance to tell the guys thanks. If the other post beats us out, it might not be good so sound out.As for my success, most of you know it. I give PVT 100% of live tournament success. I can't count the Sats. Around 20 MTT wins, 30 or so cashes (I need to
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