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  1. Wow!I never thought that placing an encouraging message to others about my experience with PVT would stir so much crap.Are there that many people out there on tilt 24/7?
  2. Even though you were a little rude on my post, I'll help you out.if you can find a netspend prepaid visa, it will work. Go to Netspend.com
  3. First of all, Vandees, you posted a topic asking where there might be a house for sale that will be on CSI, and I'm the dork? You'll have to move to Santa Clarita, CA. Good luck with that. Hey guys. I didn't mean to stir anything here. I am just pumped about PVT. No, this isn't a joke account (though I might be a little dorky). No one told me to put this here. I just wanted to encourage the guys that are thinking about joining to join. I know it was a little long but everything in it was true. I made more money after joining PVT than I did over the past year or so. The fact is this.
  4. Yeah, that's the ticket. The startup fee is way too high. DO NOT SIGN UP!!!! RUN!! These guys are wanted in two and one half countries for there illegal activites concerning the illegal solicitation of the deadly art of black belt karate poker. Why add another bill onto your losing tab. As a matter of fact, why don't you do the smart thing and get out while you can still pay your house note and car payment. Quit poker all together. These guys at PVT are cheating you. That's the ticket. They have played an elaborate hoax on all of you. I heard they got together with that little two ho
  5. Ok, here we go!Ok guys, I'll make it short and sweet. I know the original post was long and boring but forgive me. I have the July flu and tend to ramble.I wasn't a terrible player, just the average joe. I broke even in tournaments over the last year or so. On cash games, I made a little, I lost a little. I needed the extra edge. I couldn't get over the hump and win a tournament.I went to New Orleans and was out in 27 minutes at the WSOP. I lasted through the break on 3 tournaments in Tulsa. The best I had ever done was place 3rd in a monthly tournament at the Horseshoe.I was about to gi
  6. Pros: If you have the discipline you can truly become a pro. Easy to access everything. Total poker concepts! Daniel becomes your personal coach.Cons: A few glitches with it sending you back to the login page. The beeps when you pass across links!#1 CON and solution: Instructions followed correctly can end my streak by another member. PLEASE SHUT OFF THE SITE! I am contacting my congressman to have this placed in the bill to ban online poker!
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