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  1. There is nothing wrong with Phil Hellmuth having the most bracelets. He does deserve them because he is one of the top hold-em players out there. What sets Doyle, Johnny, and other players apart though is that they have done it in a variety of games, something Phil needs to overcome. So Johnny, Doyle, and others can surpass Phil easily, but you got to give Phil some credit, winning 11 bracelets is no easy feat.
  2. I once took the average of his cashes in tournament events just for a lark.He averages a 7th place finish for any tournament event he cashes. That alone is impressive, because most players, like Daniel, Doyle, and Phil Hellmuth, average in the late teens. He is a different class of player. He has great composure and focus at the table, and he so immensely popular because of it for whatever reason it may be. That is probably why everyone always picks him in the fantasy leagues to win a bracelet or two each year, something he will likely do this year, or at the very least by the end of 2010.
  3. If only my bankroll was over $11 again.I hate being in a slump, I need to rebuild it with what I have left.
  4. I don't know much about the Grinder, but whenever I do see him on TV in some form, he is usually hyper-aggressive. With that in mind, he could be on some type of draw, but at the same time he could of also missed it. You have the lead, so I would check to minimize losses. If he bets, you can check-raise him, because you likely have him on a semi-bluff. So check it to see what he does. If he checks, you have him, if he bets, he is protecting his hand. You get more information by checking it seems then by calling.
  5. Whenever I use sharkscope for myself I see mostly losing players on there. A lot of them are down hundreds to thousands of dollars, and I see a few players in black for $70-$100. Nothing ever big though.In bulk a lot of people who play online have no clue as to what they are doing it seems, but even then, that leaves a decent amount who do, are in the black.So, for those who lose so much, they can be bad players, just spending money as much as they can to capture success they see on TV, etc. Or, they are running bad. Either way, if your in the black, your at least a different caliber of player
  6. I would stick with your current image as a tight player, especially if both players are mid range stacks and your a chip leader. Few players would risk more money unless they have a premium hand from a raise of 10K. If you fold, it does nothing, you stay stagnant, and one of these players might get stronger in the long run. I would take a risk and raise it to 10K, simply for the fact that both players will likely fold their hands because of more psychological reasons; your a chip leader, you can afford an all in call, and you don't play marginal hands often.
  7. Only Phil would carry money in his sandals. He probably has so much he uses them for insulation in his socks.
  8. I don't think Limit is going to be the game of choice in a few years time. Chances are people will shift to another no limit variant, like Omaha or something of that nature. It might be easier of people to transition to that because of the freedom to bet and raise with whatever you please. I think the pace of limit hold em would be a deterrent for some players over something like Omaha, because with Omaha you have a more frantic pace. Granted, it is also more difficult to play, but a lot of people are starting to get into Omaha online now a days, so it might become the next big thing in the lo
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