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  1. BUMPI've decided to give up my team afterall. That is, assuming there's someone who wants to take it. I will stick with it for this season if you need me to, but the lack of an automated site has really lessened my interest in this league.My team is pretty good (and should be very good in a couple of years).Toews, Jonathan 49 18 26 31.0 7.5 8.25 9 9.75 10.5 FAParise, Zach 54 25 32 41.0 7.75 9 10.25 11.5 12.75 FASavard, Marc 30 9 15 16.5 6.5 7 7.5 FA Turris, Kyle 0 0 0 0.0 4 4 4 4 4 FAGagne, Simon 29 6 14 13.0 3 3.25 3.5 3.75 FA Okposo, Kyle 55 12 25 24.5 1 1 1 FA Bergfors, Niclas 53 13 14 20.0
  2. I am pretty sure that is 7:30EST.I wouldn't be able to make it until quite a bit later, but I'm fine if I miss it.Here's my input:- I'm in favor of keeping the league, but I really don't have time to play any role in running the league. I put a decent amount of time over the past few years to keep this thing going...and that was with the automated site. There will be work to go around if we're doing this in a forum. This is a super busy year for me, so I'd really appreciate it if someone (or a group of people) took it over.- I only want to keep it going if we can carry over our rosters and far
  3. I will forgive you if you send 20% of your winnings my way...
  4. Nell has set up a forum for us that links from the "Forum" tab on the FCHL2 site. That address is http://www.darnellefunk.com/fchl2/. Let's use that to find out who is all still interested in continuing and how we might do that. Didn't someone say that Kevin backed up all the rosters to a spreadsheet?If not, we will need to grab all the info in the next few days.The North StarsToews, Jonathan 49 18 26 31.0 7.5 8.25 9 9.75 10.5 FA Parise, Zach 54 25 32 41.0 7.75 9 10.25 11.5 12.75 FA Savard, Marc 30 9 15 16.5 6.5 7 7.5 FA Turris, Kyle 0 0 0 0.0 4 4 4 4 4 FA Gagne, Simon 29 6 14 13.0 3 3.25
  5. I'm kinda torn regarding the life of the league. On the one hand, my team is so stocked with young talent/prospects that I really want it to continue. At the same time it takes up more of my time than I like. If we are going to forum route, I only see that getting worse.I say we move it to a different, free site. We'll have to change the rules and maybe even the format slightly , but we should keep our current teams as much as we can. First, we need Nell to link the FCHL2's Forum tab here, so that we can get everyone in on the discussion. It doesn't look like the draft will happen this weekend
  6. Wow, it's amazing how Grachev came out of nowhere. Even with the supplemental draft last year, he got skipped over in the FCHL draft (imagine if one of those expansion GMs would have gotten wind of him!). Plus, he wasn't listed in THN's Future Watch for the Rangers top 10 prospects last in 2008. Now he's a top 10 pick. That's ridiculous. Is there something I'm missing? This seems hard to believe.
  7. Ya, I had OEL in mind when I made the deal. Then I got scared at the idea of having a long-term project and almost took John Carlson. In the end I went with my gut.Giving up a 1st for this pick isn't as bad as it sounds. This draft is so deep that picking 21st this year won't be much different than picking 10th next year (which is about where I project that pick to be).
  8. You do when it's combined with such a high level of offensive skill. Tampa Bay will be able to put him out there in all situations and all that ice time will translate into points. He might not be the next Mike Green, but there's a very good chance he puts up 50+ points a year. I'd take that security over the potential of guys like Duchene and Kane if I were building an expansion team.
  9. Ah. That makes sense.If I were him, I would have taken Hedman without hesitation. He would not only have the best forward and best dman in the draft, he'd have the best guys at those positions to come along in a couple years. The buzz surrounding them was there for a reason.
  10. With Hedman falling to #5 in your draft, it's nice to see we're not the only league with substance abuse problems.
  11. FCHL2 update:1. John Tavares (Coesillian)2. Evander Kane (DJFear51)3. Matt Duchene (DJFear51)
  12. The FCHL2 draft is underway!Coesillian, you're on the clock.
  13. I'd take Pittsburgh and San Jose. I'm a huge Habs fan, but I don't think they have it in them. Then again, I didn't think they would make the playoffs last year and they won the East...
  14. Guys, the snake draft is underway. Make sure you check the site often over the next few days.
  15. Guys who are in the FCHL2:Please make a post in the MSN Messenger thread on the league's website. We need to make sure we can all be in contact on Sunday in case the draft software gives us problems.Thanks.
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