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  1. Seems like i might be a minority in believing it wasn't such a bad trade at all. Weber might be older than Subban, but he's in no way outclassed. Correct me if i'm wrong, but his contract seems significantly more appealing than Subban's. Doesn't his cap hit drop in 2017?
  2. By sharkscope standards, i am now on ''super tilt''.
  3. I love how Titan Poker keeps on nearly harrassing me with random bonuses out of the blue. Give me ALL the free cash!
  4. I think i'd rather keep Darche over White. He's got a better hockey sense (imo) and more to show for. I don't worry much about his age.
  5. I predicted the rangers would win the cup against the blues. Good to see one end of my prediction is doing okay.
  6. Goals for may[ ] Fix HM2 because it's shitting in my hand[ ] Play some SnGs on titan poker (sit'win go, mofos)[ ] Avoid getting into youtube comments arguments with ''1000NL pros'' into slowplaying an overpair for value.
  7. I'm just wondering how he successfully convinced anyone the RNG isn't legitimate by... showing himself getting bad beats? Don't any of his followers, i don't know, play the game?
  8. SuccessGetting my first, non-trial, HUD. Theses apps are intriguing. Anyone purchased any of those?
  9. Online, i don't play for long.Live, i have never left a table because i didn't feel like playing anymore. Only when i busted or had to leave. I'd like to test that one out eventually.
  10. $.32You believe his range is weak because his raise is small? I would agree a huge raise in those limits is incredibly strong, but i fear the possibility of a really strong hand from a fundamentally bad player when i get min-raised. Like if they understood raising is their best option but they are scared shitless of not getting any action.
  11. Keep doing it. That depends on quite a few factors, but 4bb is generally good Shit happens. Assume they have a reaaaaaally good hand unless the same players are clearly abusing the all-in button. If they are gonna give you an easy fold, take it and be glad you didn't lose more money. If 2 players go all-in, pay attention to the action; who raised first, who went all-in and who called then pay even closer attention to the hands they show it may end up help you make a decision later on. Don't move all-in unless there is already a decent amount of money in the pot, by the way. Don't worry about t
  12. Considering we have no reads;Are we check-calling a safe turn and river?I'd assume we never really play this hand for value so deep OOP?
  13. So i went to bed retarded late last night. I totally forgot i had a group career counseling class this morning. 7 hours class followed by 7 hours shift on 1 hour of sleep sucks. Like KJ said, 49 hands is way too small of a sample. If i noted then reset my stats every 50 hands playing the same range of cards preflop, i would get greatly different results over a decent sample size.I would suggest you play tight aggressive. You really can't go wrong with this approach in No Limit Hold'em, especially tournaments and Sit'n Go's. Passive means calling a lot, which is almost always terrible. bump
  14. Dealer: Welcome to the table St Johns 375235781 Holdem NL $0.02/$0.04.Dealer: Starting a new hand (#3259384777).shenyu58598 is the dealer.Dealer: Heisenbergpt posts Small Blind $0.02.Dealer: HmmmAA posts Big Blind $0.04.Dealer: Dealing cards.Dealer: dikwer79 folds.Dealer: Nashtak raises to $0.16. POCKET QUEENSDealer: TommySixGun folds.Dealer: demoncol49 calls $0.16.Dealer: td12345 raises to $0.32.Dealer: shenyu58598 folds.Dealer: Heisenbergpt folds.Dealer: HmmmAA folds.Dealer: Nashtak calls $0.32. (too weak?)Dealer: demoncol49 calls $0.32.Dealer: Dealing Flop c8,c3,d4.Dealer: Nashtak ?Just wo
  15. Was in the process of posting of a live hand when i noticed i barely remember how the action went. Fail.I made like 35 bucks minus lunch (10) and gas (10) plus a 12-hour long stomach ache.
  16. Thinking of going back to the live tables tonight.
  17. I'm pretty sure PokerVT has a 3 days trial.
  18. I dunno if i'm actually doing something horribly wrong but i simply can't win 200NL live. 260 bucks down the drain.
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