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  1. I am interested how are you collecting the money and such and how do you do the draftThanksNicke-mail-NickJury@gmail.comAim-Giants625
  2. League ID#: 91975League Name: FCP FantasyPassword: fcpCustom League URL: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/fcpI created a free yahoo FCP league if anyone is interestedthanksnick
  3. ongrats enHe signed my wifes hat while playing in the stud eventshe was so happy!Its good to see him take this down
  4. i am at the rio now watching dn hope he wins thisI'm the one with the shirt that says its all fun till someonelooses a nut (picture of squirrels)
  5. Just landed in vegas, will be heading over to the rio later tonightGood luck to everyone in events!!!!
  6. Good Luck EveryoneI will be out there June 6th-13th playing in some events!Nick
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