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  1. Best HSP story?Is Hellmuch much different away from the tables?Have been enjoying the weekly vlogs, keep it up sir
  2. It's so old, but I still laughed way too hard at this :)Not putting a raise in on any street is just mind bogglingly insane :/
  3. Who do you think would win if Durrr played Ivey over the course of a year at NLH? Would your opinion change if it was live or online?Funny golf story involving Ivey?
  4. How come you were playing previous draws really passive before this hand then? (im assuming these hands were aired somewhat in order) - You had a monster draw with KQhh as I recall. I just seems if you're getting called here, you're drawing to a naked floosh, whereas there was far more equity on the KQ hand from what I remember
  5. I can't even bump it with a garf, as I dont have any software on this machineIf i di it'd go /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\////\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\I didn't know if was possible to both down + upswong at the same time, but I feel i've achieved it this month
  6. Jesus, 4 posts in a dayRIP FCP Ch-thread :/
  7. i only opened the 1st and last page - loooooooool at this tho
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