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  1. so you have 32 people in your house f!cking stuff up and dont cut out a % of the buy ins as an entry fee?
  2. it isnt illegal, its against the rules of the site, the fbi isnt going to show up at your house or anything
  3. lets just say my ub account will grow a little bit...
  4. anyone else, hopefully jenn will see this tommorrow and re vierify
  5. so jennifer definately did not make that bet
  6. so i need a few more replies to prove a point, thanksit was phil vs edog and not jenn vs edogi think he heard jenn talking right before they made the bet but im not sure, does anyone have the audio clip saved if so email it to me at mplankford@aol.com
  7. could some fellow fcpers help me out, im trying to figure out if it was erik and phil that bet +140 for 2k or jenn harmon and erikwho made the bet
  8. just learn how to shuffel, you will look like a true douche bag with one of those walmart card gimmicks on your table
  9. if you all want to watch daniel play you better get your ass to the polls and vote
  10. in the course of this thread raymer has gone from a 100-200 to a 200-400 to a 300-600 player at foxwoods. in reality he played 10-20 and on good runs 20-40he had to get staked because he had no bankroll, the stakers had 40% of him in the last wsop. do i think he is a great player, of course, any real player would acknowledge that. it just amazes me how all of you keyboard warriors hate on people because of there success when you dont 6 dollars online to play a sng.it would be really helpful if you actually reasearched information instead of posting these loch ness monster, bigfoot, 40lb bass
  11. the grinder plays super high, and im not talking about limits
  12. i couldnt aggre with you more, but his wife is sitting with 252k right now
  13. i guess they either play with 2 dueces of diamonds or 2 kings of diamonds
  14. With the board showing K-5-2-2-4 with four diamonds, Gavin Griffin and Hunter Tappas get all of their money in the middle. Tappas showed Ad-Kd for the ace high flush. After seeing the ace of diamonds, Griffin mucked his hand. Griffin started the hand with $87,000 in chips, and lost it all to Tappas' flush. Gavin Griffin is eliminated early in Level 11.discuss
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