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  1. Play tighter, concentrate harder - even drop stakes if necessary
  2. under a pale grey sky, we shall arise
  3. if you raise with 6/7 n flop that - be prepared to go all the wayreally you have to go all the way with that holding
  4. don't fold, very unlikely she has anything
  5. i call here. a/q is good or racing so often in these spots early on in micros.
  6. maybe check raise the turnapart from that you can't do much more
  7. yeah nothing wrong with that hu session. gotta love a win.
  8. i like a call - try and improve on the turnnot the worst shove though
  9. thats sicki was making those calls last night @ 1/2 and not getting as lucky as villain lol
  10. yeah they often announce the wrong bet sizealso i don't really need to see the players tanking for 2mins+you can get the idea from 30sec-1min worth of viewing
  11. i call hereits a bad spot but i hate to fold these types of hands
  12. at the microsset mine with low pocket pairsbe aggressive with big pairs - you will get paidmost of those questions depend of the nature of the table and how your opponents play, if they were easily answered then we would all be winning and playing the high stakes.
  13. your only worried about the hand because you lost.the chips go in there all day with a/q.
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