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  1. Ease up turbo. Lots of people go on the rakeback waiting list for years.It's not their fault you didn't know about rakeback/sign up for it first.
  2. Curious as to why you think taking small edges in cash games is bad?
  3. I thought you were talking about playing on FTP specifically, nothing to do with Rush poker.
  4. No, you let them draw cheap, and then shove the river and let them call wether they hit their draws or not to get MAX value ldo.How do you not know this? pfft.
  5. Once I bet as a bluff. Turned out it was for value.My oponent was eliminated.
  6. He's betting because he knows he's ahead, and can get a call from worse. It's up to villian to decide if he wants to call or not.
  7. By asking if it's a steal you're implying that you're bluffing with AQ here. Are you raising for value or as a bluff?
  8. Yeah. I prefer to play against good players rather than bad ones because they just always call with crap cards and river 2 pairs or straights to crack my aces or jack four suited!
  9. Lol, did you 3 bet every one of his button opens from the SB or BB?
  10. WTF???If you open limp the button in LHE can we please play 2/4 HULHE on FTP please?
  11. You could shove the river to look bluffy/polarize your range and hopefully get looked up light.
  12. Nah it's not necessary at all. Just keep playing your game and watch the money come in!
  13. Like what babylon said, come to Australia ainec imo.
  14. Your logic is correct. OP this is right imo.
  15. If you get your money in as an 80% favourite, this will happen 20% of the time.
  16. I meant 6 max. And regularly means at least once every few sessions.
  17. Royal_Tour, I retract most of my previous statements.
  18. I please to aim! :)I'd probably acknowledge you if you were as cool as that babylondonks guy.But you're not.
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