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  1. Your value in these hands comes from c/c the turn and/or river. MP2 just open limped so he has a huge portion of hands that you have the nuts against and when he doesn't bet the flop he isn't trapping, he just has nothing, so let him barrell off if he wants to and just get to showdown here.
  2. Wait? You open limped/called UTG, c/r a K46ss flop then check a 5x turn? Worst hand I've ever seen.Why don't you post your thoughts/reads on your hand if you want actual strat answers?
  3. Don't shove the turn there Kosin. I know you did this time, but you will rarely get called by worse. You only has one pair.
  4. Well the only way he's going to "find out where he's at" is to put in a "feeler bet" for "information" here. Why wouldn't you do it?
  5. You can if people are going to tiltspew bets at you for doing so. A LOT of people seem to go "OMG HE DONKBET HE HAS NOTHING" and raise/bet/bet/bet/cry when they get called down by marginal hands.Either that or if you find opponents who are ridic fit/fold and you can win more than your share of pots (which is HUGE in LHE) by just donking a bunch of flops not likely to hit their ranges and stuff.
  6. You've been playing for 6 years and can't step up to the 10/20 game?Get coaching imo.
  7. So you don't mind flat calling the $80 and villian 1 shoving and you having to fold?
  8. Do you think having Kings changes things? Someone checked then cold 3 bet on this board. They NEVER have A high here.If the board turned a decent draw then you have a decision, but there isn't really. If BTN raised the turn and SB either folded or coldcalled, I'd still call down here, but I really think that this is not a hand that we beat enough to call down two more bets on the turn and another one minimum on the river. Being sandwiched between then BTN turn raiser is just gross too as if he has a T he's going to cap it most of the time, if not raise the river.
  9. Evidently you do. Which makes it profitable to bluff here.
  10. Fold the turn when it's 2 more back to you.Think about it. SB COLD 3 BET THE TURN. Do you really think your hand beats ANYTHING that does that? You lose to 23o here.
  11. Why do you want to play against good players?
  12. Bet $.40 on the flop, and like $.90/$1 on the turn and it makes the river shove even eaiser for him to call, cause of his stack/pot ratio.
  13. Dink plays in some of the highest limits around on the internet. His advice is spot on here.In this hand you have to be:Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, right for the play to be breakeaven. This is literally the scariest card in the deck for your range, and the fact that you know that makes this a great card to c/r as a bluff.
  14. Told you it wasn't an exaggeration.
  15. This should be okay with me if we can organise cheap flights/accommodation and that.I'm pretty nitty with money at the moment but we'll see how I go.Definitely super keen tho.
  16. What are your thoughts on the pros/cons of limping 66 there as opposed to shoving. No it wasn't.
  17. Yeah! Who cares about the long term results of how we approach different spots.What happens in this specific hand is all that matters when making decisions.
  18. Kosin and KingJames have the right attitudes to succeed in poker imo.Top work I reckon.
  19. I think Reegans drunk again, or has gone insane.
  20. So you read that link and insta-become a winning player? I knew all those training sites were for suckers!
  21. It's not.You will win a pot according to the equity percentage you have when the money goes in.If you're a 65% favourite when you get the money in, you'll win the pot 65% of the time.If you lose, it was one of those 35% times.Do you really understand this?
  22. Rephraise to: "If you have a hand that you want to put all the money in the middle with, would you rather have 100bb's or 80?"
  23. If you end up sitting with the nuts on the river and a villian raises your bet, would you rather have started the hand with $10 or $8?
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