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  1. What sort of hands can KK be chopping with? Aside from the other KK. What sort of hands can KK be flipping against?
  2. Apparently it's too hard to navigate a forum so that would be a bad idea. Cause it's hard to post in strat sections.
  3. KK never gets beat 5 times in a row!You must be getting cheated by cheating cheaters.
  4. This assumes that OP is a winning player, and can exploit weaker players, which probably isn't true here.
  5. Against every possible hand combination. 2d4h on that board has 18.9% equity.
  6. I don't like 3balling the QJ there if the limper is the huge fish at the table that you want to play pots with, as opposed to being in a 3b pot with a reg.
  7. How do you check/call the turn in position? Do you mean check behind the turn and call a river bet?
  8. Ninja, STFU and listen to fighter.He > You at poker.
  9. Depends on the villian.If he's the type to fold overpairs when you barrell off, then do so.If he's the type to call down with overpairs when you barrell off, then don't.Simple really.
  10. Just cause you won't raise a low flush on that river doesn't mean lolfish who open limp won't.You can't fold for the minraise here imo.Just remember that you're playing other personalities, not yourself.
  11. You take this line and the other guy's the donk? Lol.
  12. That batman picture still makes me wonder things.Why are you wearing a necklace?WHAT'S IN THE CUP BATMAN??? HUH???
  13. Nope. I only post on here and 4bb.
  14. I think flop play is fine. That wasn't what I was saying. I wasn't saying to donk, just more a general concept.
  15. Preflop is terrible. Fold pf. KJo sucks UTG+1 in FR. What are your reasons for open limping KJo here?Postflop; the only way you're going to get more value out of that hand is if someone raises you somewhere. When you make nut hands in limit holdem in big multiway pots keep pressing the bet and or raise button and don't try to be fancy.
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