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  1. lol @ lying to someone here then getting found out.
  2. Really wasn't trying to troll. Sorry if you took it that way.What I mean is you should be avoiding uncomfortable situations where possible. It will be a big boost to your winrate imo.For example, most people start out as a TAG and with experience move towards more LAG play. This is because as they play more and more hands they start expanding their ranges because they are getting used to more marginal situations. It's a natural As to the hand, answer these questions to yourself and see what you come up with. What happens on the flop if you flat/raise, what hands call, what hands jam, what
  3. Then don't play them until you feel more comfortable?I'm not comfortable calling 3 streets w/ 23o on an AQJ97, so I don't.
  4. Pretty sure you don't post this and ask how to play it if the guy shows up with a worse hand/air here.
  5. If they're not taking deposits, shouldn't he be worried that he doesn't have enough on there?
  6. Sounds like you're not fully rolled for 2-5 or else this isn't something you should worry about.
  7. Cant have Ah7s when the board has the 7s on it.
  8. Are you referring only to the win/loss data or all his stats from playing?Because reviewing stats is vital to getting better.
  9. I disagree with fighter. Just cause.
  10. I think you will have a hard time if you start with LHE and try to move into NL.
  11. If you're interested in learning limit holdem I'll show you at a 2/4 HU table. PM me and we can start your journey.
  12. AQs makes better flushes than 77o, but not better than 88o.
  13. So you're saying it's harder to play against bad players? Lol.
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