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  1. at last year's main event, when that Davin Anderson guy yelled something along the lines of "this is the greatest game in the world!!!" and nobody responded at all, i bet he wanted to die right there, only because there were no nearby rocks to crawl under and hate himself with.
  2. speaking of the krablar and advertising, i'm thinking about marketing my all new Krablar Kakes..... they only taste good in the big blind in an unraised pot when you hit the flop hard. Otherwise they taste like something that Joe would pry out of a crab's ah-noos
  3. pac's kickback is horsewaste.... after getting bludgeoned for a grand, i get a nice crisp $1 GFY card.
  4. this thread is headed for whitewater, vince.
  5. this was a rerun of the first episode this season, so fortunately for him, he's only lost twice heads up on the amber bock tour.
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