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  1. I would think my hand is good here and I would personally flat this flop in the hope that he might try and bluff again on the turn or river.If he is c-betting we can afford to give Kx Qx type hands a free card. He could put you on a flush draw and try to push you off it on the turn or river if the 3rd diamond doesnt hit and you will win 1 extra bet.By shoving here as you did, if he was c-betting with KQ, QJ hes folding.If he is the one with the flush draw hes getting 2-to-1 which is close to the right price with 2 cards to come so he would most probably be calling anyway.The only hands that yo
  2. Cheer for the replies.I did call and was just making sure it wasn't a bad call for all my stack.He showed and the turn was Oh well.
  3. $25 NL 6 Handed MAX.The villain had been playing alot of pots, always betting the pot post flop and raising over 70% while on the button. Last time he was on button I re-raised him pre flop and he folded.Villain (Button) $95Hero (SB) $50BB $21Hero is in small blind with Preflop: Villain raises to $1, Hero re-raises to $4, BB folds, Villain calls.Flop: ($8, 2 players)Hero bets $6, Villain instantly went all-in for $91 (or my remaining $40).Hero?Is it ok to call here against someone who is playing so loose?
  4. Your M is 6. If there is antes its under 5 so you need to be looking to make a move.This seems like a perfectly good spot to me! I push all day long here as long as I'm first in.
  5. Definately raise more pre flop.After your raise of $0.50 your giving the original limper better calling odds than what he had when he originally limped!Needs to be at leat $1 like everyone else is saying so the calling stations that do call you with Ax are at least making the wrong call.What did the villain have? Make his flush on the river?
  6. How was the BB playing? Was he 3 betting alot? Defending his blind alot?
  7. How come you called the turn bet getting almost 5-to-1 pot odds but fold to 5-to-1 on the river?Were you calling the turn to river a Queen?
  8. I just cant see him having a Queen here - I think he should of lead the turn if he did have one, plus the fact a 2nd one showed up on the river making it more unlikely that he has one.Plus his river bet looks weak and you are getting 4-to-1 on the call. I know this is a sit and go so its gonna set you back if your beat but I think my curiousity would get the better of me here :-)I think he could show up here with a random Ten but I think you see busted flush/straight draws here alot. Whats the buy-in by the way?
  9. I think limping here is fine as long as the orginal limpers have healthy M's of over 20 aswel otherwise you wont get the payoff you need.
  10. Call.I put him on a busted straight/flush draw.I think if Villain had a Q he might of raised the flop or certainly led out on the turn with 2 diamonds and 2 spades out there.
  11. You would think he would 4 bet with AA or KK pre so I think its safe to say we have the best hand on the flop wouldn't you think?
  12. If the villain was doing a button steal with ATC and therefore doesnt have an A or K or a diamond draw I dont think this is the type of board he will attempt to take away from you after you 3 bet pre.So I think checking is definately the worse play.I would just push. If he has an Ace all the money is going in which ever play you do and same if he has KdQd.Here I think a push looks weeker than a half pot bet.
  13. What about just pushing pre flop? Or is that bad?Our M is 6.5.Or are we falling into "too many chips to push" catergory?There would be a profit of 12600 if he folds.Blind v blind - Your almost certainly ahead with A4.
  14. Tough spot.If you fold, your M will be 5 and you will be straight into the BB.I would of raised a little more pre flop. Your giving the BB over 3-to-1 odds on the call, which is a pretty mandatory call for most with ATC.I would of bet a bit more on the flop aswel. If villain is holding Ax suited of clubs he is getting the correct odds to call with your half pot bet.As it played out anyway, I think I am shoving after his 3 bet.
  15. I agree with Copernicus.That would look like an overpair bet to me or 88.
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