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  1. Excellent point...I wasn't thinking of that...he had just under 12K to start off the hand...so he has 4900 invested, so to call his last 7K..it's still about 3-1, and he is a 2-1 dog pre-flop....
  2. In last nights episode, there was a hand where Gabe Kaplan made it 1400 to go from the button with Ac Qc and Michael Konik re-raised him to $4900 in the BB with 7c 6c. Gets around to Kaplan who re-raised him all in to $19,250. Konik folded, but Howard Lederer made a comment that he was getting 4 to 1 odds...I did my calculations and I thought it was just over 2.5 to 1...Konik calls 14,450 to win 38,800. Am I missing something?Paul
  3. Hey there,I will be in Vegas this weekend also...The Mirage has tournaments Sunday through Thursday that meet your criteria:Sunday: 5:00 p.m. No-Limit Texas Hold'em $330 Buy-in with unlimited $200 Re-Buys for the 1st hour with 1 Add-on.They offer satellites every day for these events (if you win you can decide which event you would like to do). Call the Mirage at 800-77Poker.Bellagio also has a tournament but it is a 1,000 buy in (I'm sure they have a satellite). Otherwise, most of the casinos now offer a small buy-in daily tournaments. I know we are planning on playing the Rio's $40 buy in
  4. Dry or not, give me Gabe Kaplan over Norman Chad any day.I thought Gabe's coverage of the 1997 WSOP (the one that Stu Ungar won) was good. Gabe and Stu seemed to know each other and it was a little more personal IMHO. I actually like not seeing the hole cards sometimes when watching these programs. It gives you more opportunity to do the whole "how would you play it" based on the same information that the player has. I hate it when the announcers make acomments based on seeing the hole cards saying things like "oooh what a bad play against AQ...." As Howard Lederer pointed out numerous ti
  5. The viewpoint from the dealer was just posted on pokerworks.com (the blog of a dealer at the Belagio) just yesterday:This really isn't funny - but yet...The night before Christmas Eve. $4,000-8,000 mixed limit games with one little single draw Deuce to 7, no limit with a $100,000 cap and $1,000 ante from each player, $1,000-$2,000 Blind. That's a mouthful ain't it? The game was four handed, Lyle B. - 1s, Chau - 2s, Doyle - 4s, Phil - 7s. They were playing single draw Deuce when I sat down. The first thing that happened was Phil turned over three face cards and Lyle and Doyle threw him two or t
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