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  1. it was also in the philly inquier, i figured with all your trips down to philly you might have seen the billboard or read it in the paper. i have also read all of your garbage on the internet and i know this is garbage.
  2. how about by sporting news. you can google it if you want, i know that is all you tools do online anyway. I am from south philly and i highly doubt they loved you, even though you seem witty online.
  3. did they teach you how to spell that in beaver county? Low opinion of philly fans, do you have that opinion because there is actually passion in this city for our teams or is it because you would shit your pants wearing that yellow and black jersey in south philly? Flyers hockey is voted #1 in the US, there must be a reason.
  4. I am glad to say the penguins suck and the flyers are going to destroy sid the kid. We are going to eat Fleury like a wiz with
  5. I think the pens should worry about the flyers power play which was the best (2nd) all season and is not too shabby in the playoffs.
  6. I think it is shitty that the pens can suck for so many years and just get first round picks to build a team. By the way, did anyone else think they threw that game against us just so they wouldnt have to play the flyers first round?
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