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  1. Dream Theater is good, scenes from a memory and train of thought especially. but they are overrated and so wanky. basically, since they are really all the most advanced musicians in rock music, they could have done something truly incredible, groundbreaking and innovative. but they made a choice, a choice to jack off their instruments instead.still, scenes is a masterpiece, and ToT is really fun to listen to. i like when petrucci and rudess shred together. its cute.
  2. augmented

    Funny Jokes

    bump. i don't really get the knight joke either. it doesnt really have a punchline. i mean i think its funny, but i'm worried i'm missing something. anyway, i have a joke.So a husband and wife go on a day excursion to the Grand Canyon along with their 7-year-old son. They arrive at the canyon in their car and get out and are hanging out, just enjoying themselves.Soon the husband and wife are in a discussion and there is a disagreement. It starts off as nothing serious, but soon it turns into more intense bickering, finally to outright argument. Shortly thereafter, the husband and wife are shri
  3. The Mars Volta - Amputechture.i have a feeling i'm gonna like this CD. i've listened to it just once so i dont have much of an opinion.
  4. thanks for the replies guys...but i'm not convinced. you know how the problem with going into the drug business is if you get ripped off, you kinda have nowhere to go? this is sort of my problem. if i report him, its admitting that i'm underage, and then i likely lose all my money. i'd much rather him be let off the hook than have us both be caught. obviously i'm being a little bit paranoid, but i simply didnt, and dont, wanna risk it. once i can transfer all my money to a trustworthy friend for him to cash out for me, i think i'll report him.
  5. yes its in my name....i never deposited, worked my bankroll up over 10k starting out in a freeroll. i have a neteller but its locked until i'm 18, i was just planning on using it, but i just asked the site (bugsysclub, not bodog) to raise my player transfer limits, so hopefully i'll be able to transfer my money away, like 1k a day. then its out of there in 2 weeks and we're in business.once thats all taken care of, i guess i'll report him, though i'm not really sure what my ammo is. i unfortunately neglected to save the IM conversation i had with him, but i guess he typed the blackmail into ch
  6. a couple things. one, i can't withdraw my money because my neteller doesnt work because i'm not 18. two, he told me "we are all good now" so i'm hoping that its gonna be okay. three, my parents don't know about my bankroll so even if i did withdraw it i don't know where i'd keep it.
  7. well, i don't know how, but someone on bugsysclub found out who i am by finding my myspace profile. there it says that i'm 17, and my name and all that. he and a couple others had been mentioning my underageness in chat but i never really worried too much, but then i beat this guy out of a 200 dollar pot with a big river raise with a flush, and he told me to send him 100 bucks so that he'd keep quiet. though i changed my myspace to private and set my age to 19, he told me that if he reports me to the site, they go under an intense age verification thing and they lock up the account and keep th
  8. good CD, but nothing even close to their previous effort, el cielo. get it and jizz your pants once, twice, or in my case, about 70 times so far.
  9. unbreakable > sixth sense.signs is the second worst movie of all time (behind microcosmos, a stupid two hour movie where you just watch a bunch of insects exist that i was forced to sit through in theaters with my grandparents when i was like 7).tom brady is not very good....numbers determine greatness, not rings.wilt chamberlain is easily the greatest basketball player of all time.its hard to jack off to the hottest girls...much better to go with the pretty but slightly flawed ones.
  10. i tried listening to relationship of command and i really didnt like it at all. i liked the song about the wishing well (cant remember what it was called) and one-arm scissor is ok, and the song with the bassline is good, but i really don't like it. i think ATDI is basically like volta, but way less polished, more chaotic, more stupid, and more bad.oh by the way, the radiohead show at the greek on 6/23 was really sick, but i thought the setlist was pretty stupid and uncohesive. thom's voice was superb though. i love radiohead.one more thing: wang, the theory of levels is awesome. truly amazing
  11. yeah its called sleep paralysis.dredg made an album about it called "El Cielo". i think its the 3rd best album of all time. my friend and my other friend, Tyler and Charlie, got drunk with us one night and they didnt have a place to sleep cause we were passed out in the house and couldnt let them in, so they went to sleep on the field. And they were super drunk and cold, and so tyler was telling me about how he woke up as he was walking up the hill to go to charlie's house at like 4 am. he said it was the weirdest scariest thing thats ever happened to him.hmmmmmmmm.....+1 basically.
  12. totally depends on your schedule, but i'll use myself as an example. my school schedule would be about a 12-7 sleep pattern. if i took a nap from like 3:30 to 5, itd be all good, but if i took one from like 5:30 to 6:30, itd be terrible. not only would i wake up upset and confused, i wouldn't be able to go to sleep at night. afternoon naps can be +EV, but make sure you don't take them too late or for too long. i like about an hour and a half. plus, be prepared to wake up extremely delerious and disoriented, maybe mad.
  13. okay here's my rundown. when i was about 2 and a little bit before (basically as soon as i was talking), my favorite band was The Police. my mom had a videotape of them and i would always yell "pa-peeeece! pa-peeeeece!" to demand to watch the tape again. when i was about 4, i got into eric clapton (hugely), and i loved his stuff so much that i began playing guitar and writing music. i memorized his unplugged album and so forth.it was in first/second/third grade that i got into the early 90's rock scene, my favorite band being nirvana, but also stuff like greenday, alice in chains, STP, soundga
  14. to say daniel won't win because he has a chip lead and people never go wire-to-wire these days is stupid and absurd. sure, he's less than 1 to 1 to win the thing, but he still has a better chance than anyone else in the field. if i had to predict between him winning and him not winning, i'd lean towards the latter, because i'm not a stupid idealistic butt-eater. but i still think the more chips you have, the more likely you are to win. plus its DN. he is the most likely to win the tourney of anyone. good luck homie.
  15. yeah....i see absolutely nothing wrong with this play, other than the result. its a tournament with what, almost 1000 players. there is not room for much play given the shallow blind structure, and you must gamble early. keeping all this in mind, PLUS the fold equity (greenstein doesnt need to have a hand there; in fact, he most likely doesn't,) DN made a move with a legitimate hand and happened to be dominated. you guys are acting like he pushed with 63 off, or CALLED with 7s. think about it. and seriously, shut the hell up, all of you.
  16. on bugsysclub, i won 9 bugsy bonus points in a freeroll. if you get to 100 or more, they can be converted to real money as 100 bbp = $1. i played a few bbp sngs and cash games, finally got to like $1.20. i kept working this up, got to $424.46 at the end of last summer, where my parents intervened and told me i was no longer allowed to play online.so i stopped for about 3 months, then went back without telling them; i'd only play when they were totally gone. i ended up getting to about 5 thousand dollars this way. i then tried to cash it all out through neteller, but i didn't realize that NT on
  17. i really hate doing this again. call. call.call.callcacalclaclalcalcllaclalcalcllaclalcalclalclacallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllbut heres a REAL interesting scenario: so if you were at the WSOP and you found pocket aces and it was the first hand, and the first player pushes all in.....sorry if that has been used this thread, havent read through all 11 pages.sw by the way. just in case.
  18. havent done beginner or intermediate much but i own you all on expert: 90 seconds.
  19. you, sir, are an idiot.majoras mask is terrific. in OOT you cant complete an elaborate sidequest to marry a couple, you cant get 20 masks, you cant be a goron, you cant be a zora, you cant get 52 pieces of heart, and the temples are just as challenging, and the things leading up to the temples are much harder. MM is a much more comprehensive game than ocarina. there is much more you can do, more sidequests and more challenge. i agree that the storyline is worse and that there is some shaky thematic material that often isnt really explained (like the kids on the moon that ask about "happiness"
  20. tonight i just beat Zelda: Majora's Mask for N64, and it is definitely the best game i've ever played. granted, i dont have a ps2 or xbox or anything, but MM is definitely better than ocarina of time. also, today i got accepted to this GRAMMY camp this summer thats like for musicians aged 15-19, and there were 14 different "career paths" you could choose, like film scoring, performance, hip hop, audio engineering, etc, and i chose................video game music. its actually kind of a passion of mine, and we'll be working with EA games. who knows, maybe i'll make some connections.
  21. yeah i was gonna say demetri martin. i love his obscure outlook on life.
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