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  1. best song on 10k days, and maybe my favorite tool song of all.personally i have "overture 1928" by dream theater stuck in my head, but i want it to go away, cause its so cheesy. so i'm listening to vicarious right now. jambi is next!
  2. good luck SDF. I'm applying early action to Stanford and it's a ****ing pain. If i don't get in there, I'm thinkin Pomona College or USC for its badass music department.To all seniors - keep it up.
  3. guys, this sounds like a great idea. I'm 5'5 and a hefty 115 so I am definitely due to shed some pounds. I'm in!all kidding aside, good luck to the OP and everyone else.
  4. tool = awesome. the second or third best band in the world.radiohead = awesome. the fourth best band in the world.AINEC
  5. what are the 30/30 and 30/30/30 rules? i know they have something to do with newb posts, but i haven't quite figured it out. my guess is that its 30 posts in general, 30 posts in strategy, and 30 posts in OT in order for a user to be credible? iono, but i think it should go in here regardless. someone please explain.
  6. i have around 450 posts and i've been around for a long long time. more than a year and a half. i wonder if i have gained any reputation as a forum contributor. have i made any fans? any enemies? if anyone has any insight into who i am as a poster, and how i personally impact the FCP community, please let me know. if i am just some nobody to you, perhaps i should just off myself now.
  7. some of my most hated songs, also having to do maybe with their overplayedness, include: escape by enrique iglesias, get this party started by pink, and how you remind me by nickelback.anything by Anal C#nt is pretty bad too, though quite funny. their songs are like 30 seconds a piece, their epics maybe reaching like 1:15.
  8. i think poker is a little less romantic than you made it out to be. but too bad about the loss. yeah, we've all had 'em. you just play another one.
  9. jack, if you are saying that the ME is a pathetic crapshoot, why are you worshipping the champion? hes just some guy thats pretty good, okay, maybe very good, at poker. you can't have it both ways. if gold really played better than the pros, and was the best player in the tourney, and he won, then its not really a crapshoot is it? but if gold is just some guy, and he won, then it is a crapshoot, and maybe you should stop the fellatio, or at least just finish him off and move on.
  10. standard bet here. if he raises.....well i just dont see him raising here. whats he gonna do that with? its quite unlikely he has a straight, what would he be doing with a 5, unless its A5 which it basically just isnt gonna be very often. i put him on an AT or something. let him call you down, you should win this pot most of the time. good bet.
  11. i have a relevant question...who the hell are you? and where do you get off telling the mods to ban people that have been here for a year or more longer than you? ysalasscky, bbtgfas, you ******.
  12. YES!! Cobalt you are my hero. i had one of these last year and i had people feel it and everyone thought i was completely nuts. i'm so glad i'm not alone!!it went away so its obv not that bad.
  13. Sunday Night. Oakland Arena. Alcohol. Mushrooms. Tool.this'll be my second time seeing them, and needless to say, i'm excited.having said that, and having listened to the album a good 40 times or so, i think it is worse than lateralus and about on par with aenima. it left my main rotation a couple months ago, but i still love it. can't wait to hear it live.
  14. the more i eat these pretzels, the more thirsty i get.
  15. no, we are not good here. fold and expect to see 9s and 8s, or three 8s, or kings and 9s. best case i think you're up against another AK.
  16. thats happened to me....in a heads up freezeout. i raise with teh krablar, he calls, i flop K33, he open-farrells. i show him my full house and he's like "I JUST KNOW!!"nh though. way to extract maximum value.
  17. he won, therefore he must be a world-class champion player.sw
  18. weirdest bump/first post ever. what its like a 1 year anniversary of the last post on this thread?
  19. i started senior year on wednesday and i'm still waitin.....i actually havent really done anything with a girl, which is lame. theres a chick whos been in history with me who wants me ridiculously bad.....but shes ugly. and i'm too arrogant to settle for it.its annoying - i'm a badass guitar player and i still can't get any play. but i'm hoping people open up [their legs] this year. i'm predicting good things.
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