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    this is all well and good, but no one is answering my riddle which is just as cool. again: move one digit so that this equation works.101 - 102 = 1
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    clocks?11:00 + 2 hours = 1:00here's a similar one:move one digit in the following equation to make it true.101 - 102 = 1
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    a man pushes a car up to a hotel, pays a man, waits a little bit, and leaves. WTF is happening??hehehe
  4. bump bump bump bumbpb bumpb bumpo11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1chyea! finally. i've been wanting to bump this thread for so long, finally i can, omg typing is so hard. ugh. i'm hella tizanked. awesome. seeyall later.
  5. i saw it and didnt think it was that much of a train wreck, considering what he had to do and who he had to face. he said all that needed to be said, albeit awkwardly, but i think thats about the best he could do.
  6. i had no idea what to think for about 2 minutes after, but now i think it might be the best one theyve ever made. this has been an absolutely mind-blowingly good season, definitely their strongest work yet. south park is hotter than scarlett johanson, and definitely gaining on ms. alba. what an amazing show.
  7. scott tenorman must die is the best 30 minutes of TV in history.
  8. bump bump bump. i'm looking for hints on a few things.robin hood = ?archaeology = ? (i know it connects to the center vertex which means theyre looking for maybe some occupations or studies or something?)what is "wolf" connected to that could take me to box 1C?and what's the little 3-er connected to reservoir dogs that could help open things up?
  9. that episode was just too weird for me. definitely pretty funny though.
  10. it's not that hard to get holes in 1 on the first ten. keep in mind that on hole 4, you can just aim straight for the hole and itll go under the house and in. for hole 8 i like to place it like an eighth inch from the right and on top, and shoot pretty leftward so that it bounces to the very back little wall section, ricochets off the back wall then up the little slope and down, curving into the hole. for number 10, i place the ball on the upper left and aim for upper left corner of the first little slope thing going down. i aim just above it so that the last circle is tangent to both the wall
  11. 11 shouldnt be a problem. the second from farthest dot needs to be just above the middle crossbar, maybe like an eighth inch. it should bounce off the back wall, off the lower part of the bar, off the back wall again, then off the wall below and to the right of the hole, then maybe off the wall to the left of the hole and in, or just straight in without last ricochet.4 is hard. place the ball at the top, and out the most towards the hole. then count twelve little columns of dots to the right on that little slope. got it? now aim just above the third dot from the bottom. you should shoot, it sh
  12. i dont think below 23 is possible, but this one is more challenging and fun.
  13. spoiler warning i guess. here is the walkthrough on each hole:1. just get it in, shouldnt have to explain2. see #13. see #14. hold at the top, and aim for the 3rd dot from the bottom on about the sixth ? set of dots which dont have dots on the very bottom. so its like the 12th set of dots overall.5. just get on the very left top, and aim to the up right, just beyond the bar, so that it banks once.6. hold on the very left, about a quarter of the way up, and aim for the closest wall leftwards and up, but maybe a half inch lower. this will make it bank 3 times, then go off to the right and bank i
  14. i was getting a few 21's, then i got this.edit: dammit, i can't post this screenshot. it was a 20 with 2's on 8 and 15.
  15. i think this episode will end up being in my top 5, maybe higher."can you hear me now? can you hear me now? hee hee hee! can you hear me now?"the steve irwin thing was also totally perfect.
  16. no, what i do is aim for about the third stair going up and more or less at a straight line to the hole, but slightly to the right of that.
  17. i have gotten 18.holes 8 and 17 are the hardest. for hole 8, you place the ball in the middle and move the cursor up near the whole, but to the right and above. just hope like hell it goes in.17, i can no longer remember how i did it.
  18. 6628. 20 was impossible, i got points on all the others.
  19. hmmm, i just got ridiculously excited about college reading this thread. i reiterate: its a no-brainer, you go to school. class prez+3.9+wrestling = real good. try to break like 21-2200 on your SAT's and you'll be money. i'm a senior in high school and i CANT WAIT! wow. and yes, i plan to be playing online in college while not drinking and blazing and bangin babes, which i still havent done.
  20. to calculate the likelihood that you get knocked out if you are 20 percent to lose three times, you take the likelihood that you won't lose any given time, and raise it to the power of however many times you're running it. so for this example:0.8 cubed = .512so 51.2 percent that you lose at least once in those three times. make some sense? doesn't that sound about right?OP, ysapky.
  21. turd, some of the funniest posts i've seen in a long time. NH's.additionally, turd, your posts there were funny.
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