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  1. 1 in 1024, correct me if i'm wrong
  2. hey you know what? no one has said anything about PokerPages/BugsysClub. thats where i play, and i find it to be really reliable and everything. people should try this site out. it has good sit and gos, good freerolls, good games, even decent players. its a legit site.
  3. also theres the annoying stuff where you bet and then theyre like "i call...................and i raise 2 bucks". i know that its not even legal; its string-betting, but in the games that we play we let it slide as long as the intonation of the word "call" is ascending - that is to say he is not done with his action. but the thing is, people should just say "i see that.......and i raise 2 bucks", that way it eliminates all potential ambiguity.
  4. i'm very impressed. that seems extremely helpful and applicable to the cash games. i wish i played at PP, because i think i would use it. its really a great idea that i had never thought of. as for cheating, it is not cheating as long as it is available to anyone that wants it.
  5. oh my god.i dont think anyones ever played a hand worse. seriously.can anyone come up with a winning hand that was played worse than the way this guy played his K4?seriously, i challenge you guys.this was by no means a nice hand. this was one of the most depressing poker hands i've ever come across. oh my GOD. that guy is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad.
  6. HAHAHAH thats so true too. what i really really hate is when i say "i check" and the other guy says "i'll raise you 80". no you wont you censored censored, you'll BET 80, and i swear to god i'm gonna RAISE you 45 million because you are too much of a moron to know the difference between betting and raising. oh and then another guy, he calls my big blind from the small, and i say check. and then he says, "check." WHAT? you have NO RIGHT to check on the small blind. no right!!!
  7. hey smash, i reall like all your posts and its really educational to all of us. but, today i noticed you making a lot of calls when you were beat, and even chasing a bit much. the first hand where you had AK, you were drawing reallllllly slim after the flop yet you raised and called all the way through, only to get lucky on the end. i totally respect your play in general, but with that hand, and the AQ hand, and even the JQ hand, you may not have brought your A game today. does anyone agree with this? smash, your thoughts, anything you woulda done differently or regret doing?
  8. absolute poker is the most ridiculous site. so incredibly rigged. i shouldnt give examples because people can just pick them apart and say no no its online more hands per hour, etc. but, like one thing, i had pocket queens and i literally predicted the outcome of the hand. i was gonna flop a set with a 2-suited board and someone was gonna call my all in and hit a flush. and this is exactly what happened. absolute poker is so all bad.
  9. last thursday i was playing at this junior's house (i am a soph) and it was just three-handed, 10 dollar buy in cash game. me, my sophomore friend who is really good, and this pathetic junior. i started off just basically destroying him, i called his all in bluff with a pair of sevens (board was KJ973) and he was hella demoralized. he kept buying in and buying in again. one hand i had K9 and called his small raise on my BB. flop came 236. he bet 80 cents, i raised him to 2 dollars. he thought for a moment and said "okay, reuben, i'll play your game, i'll reraise you 4 dollars". to which i resp
  10. the guy that won had AAthe guy that mucked had AQthats what i think.i dont really mind how you played the first hand, but i might have just folded the flop. you are up against big stuff. 2nd hand, you played it very aggressively but it payed off. good job.
  11. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!back in the day (like a year ago) i would play magic every friday, it was pretty much my life. but for a 9th grader that was self-conscious and all, i decided that magic wasnt gonna help me in my social life, esp on friday nights. so one friday, i said to my friends, "you guys we should play poker like they do on TV!" and so we each dropped 2 bucks and played a little tourney. i remember being bummed though that i missed Friday Night Magic that night tho. hahaother than poker, i do music. violin hella seriously, guitar in a band, i have some CDs out with my brother on drum
  12. i'm 16 and i have no kids, but i've been playin poker for maybe 9 months and it is pretty much my main hobby besides music. i do 5 and 10 dollar buy-in tourneys, and my parents agree that its much better than going out to god knows where and shooting heroin in shady alleys, collapsing in the gutters in drunken stupors, etc etc etc.the cool thing is that my dad used to be a professional poker player (not that he was well-known, just that that's how he supported himself), and so we always talk about it when i'm playing, we discuss hands, he yells at me when i raise with 89 off, i mean he really
  13. hmmm i kinda feel like a fool, i didnt realize that DN was posting on this.oh well, i guess johnny chan is truly ridic. the thing with doyle is that lately he really hasnt impressed me much.but, i will concede this: daniel negreanu knows a lot more than i do. i mean the thing with stu is that he won the wsop the first time he ever played hold'em, and then he won it again the next year. i know that he was a degenerate gambler, and i didnt know that that went into his actual poker game, i just figured that he lost a lot on golf or something because of his problems. i mean it just seems like to w
  14. check it. you hold KsKd.player A holds AsAd.player B holds KcAhplayer C holds KhAcplayer D holds QhQsplayer E holds QcQd.you are drawing dead.split pot if a low straight hits the board.
  15. HOW COULD UNGAR NOT BE #1?????????this is the stupidest thing i've ever seen, if ungar is not number one who possibly is. why would he be worse than johnny chan or dan harrington or doyle? have you heard the stories about ungar? calling 32k with 10 high and winning? calling a huge bet with a pair of threes and raking the pot in the same motion? who could possibly be better than this guy. come on people.i think hellmuth is good, i think doyle is ehhhh, i think chan is good, harrington is good, and raymer is also good. he gets a bad rap but he knows how to play for sure. moneymaker isnt very goo
  16. yes, you are right....he folded.i kinda like doing that sometimes, the quick call with nothing. but, sometimes people pick up and it and theyre like ummmm ok, i'll just keep betting, you can "scare me" all you want. but good play. i dont see him calling with a low pair there. nice.
  17. yes but it means you should.every time you get a bad beat like that, ask yourself "what the hell was i doing playing 10-7 anyway?"it helps put it into perspective
  18. x ray vision.............how is this hard?you see your opponents hole cards and you see what's coming up. is there anything better than that?wait, was controlling minds on that list, because if it is disregard the first 3 sentences.
  19. you were dominated preflop and you deserve to lose.karma
  20. not only that one, although that was a great play and i agree that murphy should have checked. but there are others.for example, he had A7 with like, 7749 out there and folded to an all in. turns out matusow had 444. that kind of thing. he is incredibly good. the only bad thing he did at the wsop was when he called all in with a flush draw and managed to hit. but, he is a gambler at heart and felt like maybe he had to make a move. arieh is insanely good man believe me. and it is pretty much impossible to fold that K high flush...although in retrospect it was clear he was beat, but its so hard
  21. i think that phil played the hand okay, but he should not be as upset as he was. there was pretty much no reason not to bet the turn there. phil thought he could trap Hoyt with just top pair of nines. the problem with this is that if a king, queen, or ten hits the river, Hoyt could easily win the hand if he had like Q6 in the big and checked it. i mean phil definitely had a good read on the hand, but i bet he did not think that Hoyt had J7. if he was positive Hoyt literally had J7, i would credit him for a really good trap that blew up on him. but Phil can't possibly assume Hoyt is drawing to
  22. hmmm....ok how bout this1. negreanu = ridic2. ivey, makes no mistakes3. juanda, incredible and fun to watch4. forrest - insane that 7-stud at the wsop.....5. josh arieh - this guy is nuts. he makes the most incredible laydowns....6. lederer (those that say he's too tight dont know what theyre talking about)7. scotty nguyen - such a psychological baller8. phil hellmuth--come on people, this guy is good. i really like the way he plays, and i dont really see him making that many mistakes. he makes good analyses of situations and is not afraid to take risks9. gus hansen - i still don't understand
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