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  1. i ended up hanging out with these girls i know from school that are both cool, and the gf was there as well last night being an obnoxious drunk twat, but my friend wasn't. yesterday had been a shitty day for me and the stuff she was saying was pretty triggering, so as she stayed there, i drove home and told my friend everything. he handled it pretty well, asked good questions, didn't really say anything unreasonable, so we'll see what happens. i have no idea what he is gonna do but i made it clear that i was willing to lose a friend or two and that i felt really bad that i hadnt talked to him earlier and that yes, it is largely selfishly motivated. i wouldnt be surprised if he doesn't even confront her about it but she doesnt end up being around as much, but who knows. as of now, i don't feel bad.

  2. I am very confident that she is not currently cheating, and if she did that it was more than a year ago and it's a conversation that's long since come to pass. I more just dislike having her around and seeing my homie's priorities so skewed towards not upsetting her or ever growing a pair. I also think she says shitty things about him when she's being bipolar and that it can't be good for him. She's not cheating, but it seems like her cheating would be the only way this relationship could end. If I tell him anything, it'll be that he's being a little bitch and everyone sees it and she's around all the time and it makes them both suck and that I don't want her to move in with the chick I'm trying to date (a development I just found out about today). It's like she sees this coming and is trying to reinsert herself in my way as a contingency plan.

  3. there would be if he'd stop being such a pussy and **** her. A very, very good reason.
    Yeah, I'm not gonna **** her. I'm also not gonna post a picture but assume shes a quite attractive 22 year old waspy pasadena chick. My desire for her was pretty high when I first met her 4 years ago and has tapered pretty dramatically since then - it's hard to really be that into someone when being in the same room as them sucks as much as it does. I've gotten a lot of conflicting responses, but a lot of responses nonetheless. I do get the sense that me telling him stuff wouldn't really do anything, but I liked the idea of just telling him that I don't like the girl, I don't like what she does to him or the house and it makes me not wanna go out and do stuff with them. Then if he asks about specific shit I could mention something offhand
  4. Yes, the fact that I know it's largely selfishly motivated (shes just annoying and talks too much about annoying stuff) is what has kept me from saying anything to my friend thus far. Still, I am confident that he has a lot of built-up resentment and hatred for her, and that him ending it would make him realize just how much he's put up with for the last year and a half. At the same time, he'd be a wreck and it'd be on me, and I would also be a taddle tale.When my friends brought up the rumor last year that she had cheated, and I asked her about it, I ultimately decided not to tell the dude, and I still feel bad about that because I'm pretty sure it happened. This (telling a friend that you want dudes to wanna **** you) is obviously a much more minor offense, but still a terrible reflection on her character and it seems wack that I'd be protecting her twice now without telling him anything. Neither are my business, but enough may be enough.

  5. Yes, she has boned all those dudes in the past and obviously it's not that weird to secretly want their attention again but very very ridiculous to say that out loud. If I heard a significant other say that to someone I would most likely end it immediately. As far as not understand why I'm friends with her, it's completely out of my control, as I said. I've known her for 5 years and she's always been like this but now essentially lives at our house, doesn't pay rent, takes up hella bandwidth streaming shows on her stupid computer, talks shit about everyone, and generally sucks. I would absolutely choose to not have her in my life if it were up to me, but it's not. He's also the least confrontational person ever and I have no faith at all that he'll step up anytime soon. It seems like my options are either telling him now, or just sucking it up for another few months until something worse happens. Pretty yucky.

  6. You are confusing to me.Still.Start making some sense please.
    Man, sorry. My friend's GF (I introduced them) is manipulative, shady, bipolar and generally annoying. She most likely cheated on him last year, but denied it when either of us brought it up. I never told him that I had additional information that would implicate her more. Recently, I was given more information, not that she is cheating but that she's shady and scary (telling her friend at a party that she's ignoring him tonight because she wants all these guys to want to **** her again). That other friend told me what the girl said to her, now I am considering telling him. It's not my business, is disloyal to his gf (also my friend), but also seems like something I'd wanna know if my gf said something like that behind my back. So, what should I do?
  7. A year and a half ago I set up my best friend Chris with my friend from college, Kelly. Kelly's a big talker, a bit of a loosey-goosey and somewhat annoying, but very intelligent and good looking and I wanted Chris to get laid. Sure enough, my instincts were too good for my own good and it quickly spiraled out of my control to the point where they've been dating ever since. She's obviously a way more terrible person than he is, and everyone is annoyed by her and he's clearly very conscious of it but completely controlled by her, blah blah blah.A year ago, a couple of my friends from school told me she had cheated on him (me and her went to school in Norcal, he was down in LA, now we're all down here). I called her out and she denied denied denied, etc, I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and never told Chris about it, which made me feel pretty bad cause I'm fairly sure she did. Also, he saw a message thread about him that strongly suggested the same thing, eventually called her out and she denied denied denied, almost broke up with him for looking through her stuff and said that if he ever talked to me about it, they'd be done. (Obviously he told me, and though that's pretty much proof, I continued to say nothing other than gently nudging him along to break up). A few weeks ago, they were at a party in SF with some of my other friends while I was down in LA and a couple days later my friend told me that Kelly had told her, "I've totally slept with all these dudes here so I'm ignoring my boyfriend tonight because I want them to want to f*** me." I heard this and still didn't tell Chris, and Kelly continues to basically live in my house, talk crap about everyone and everything around her and completely control him, and I am extremely resentful of both of them, her for being shady and him for having no spine ever.I could just tell him about this last thing, should I? I imagine he's already living with extreme resentment of her and is still looking for an out, and though this would ultimately get back to me, I could always tell her "hey, at least I didn't tell him about the other thing." Is this reasonable? What should I do, how much of this is my business and how much is my responsibility to look out for my friend?

  8. yo, i was checking my b of a balance yesterday and it took away 100 dollars from me for a deposit on full tilt on april 12th, one which i never made. anyone else have a problem like this? is this related to the whole fraud thing? what should i do?

  9. i dont know how many of you know that much about this, but basically the idea is that there are 4 dichotomies, so 8 total letters. I/E (introvert/extravert), N/S (intuitive/sensing), T/F (thinking/feeling) and P/J (perceiving/judging). so 16 possibilities for type, and the terms themselves are misleading but other people can explain.wondering what you guys are (probably lots of INTPs) and what you think DN or other pros are. with DN i'd say he could be ENFJ, ENFP, ESFJ?

  10. wow its hard to imagine villain not hitting either that turn or river. he'd then have to be pretty scared of that river card and to just move in there seems really impulsive unless he hit his straight or flush. i could see him having A5d or A2d or something.88 is gonna have a hell of a laydown to make, but i dont really see a hand with that villain line that doesn't beat top set. i fold.as in, i call but i should fold.

  11. I go back and forth, but I eventually decided on MoP, though I certainly love RtL as well. I don't think I'd begrudge anybody if they chose Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning, or And Justice for All.Wang
    this is incorrect.the black album is the best, and i don't care if it's overplayed. enter sandman is good. sad but true is great. holier than thou is awesome, esp guitar solo, unforgiven is very good, wherever i may roam is awesome, 6 and 7 kinda suck, nothing else matters is good, of wolf and man is awesome, god that failed is ok, my friend of misery is the best song on the album, and the last song kinda sucks. thats a pretty good proportion. with master....1 is good, 2 is good, 3 is eh, 4 is good, 5 sucks, 6 sucks, 7 is good, 8 sucks. and every single song is in E which is infuriating.by the way, what music am i listening to lately? other than porcupine tree's fear of a blank planet, which terrorizes faces, i recently got into a band called oceansize which is absolutely amazing. their album "everyone into position" is really remarkable. also "as far as the eye can see" by people in planes can't get out of my head. pretty simple music but incredibly solid and catchy.
  12. ive heard only one good porcupine tree song. fast and impressive technical music does not automatically equal good.
    yea, this sounds like someone who has heard blackest eyes, trains, shallow, and halo, and likes trains. this is extremely far off base dude, trust me. barely any of their stuff is fast and technical....their only great instrumentalist is their drummer anyway. it's all in the production, really, thats what makes their music set apart. maybe someone can back me up on this.
  13. right now i'm awaiting the new porcupine tree release, fear of a blank planet, due out in about 3 weeks. eager doesn't even begin to describe my anticipation. i honestly can't remember being more excited for anything in my life, at least not music-related. so a couple of the songs have leaked and there are clips of the others, and i'm sorta trying to get by just listening to it a little bit. oh my goooooooooddddddd though. completely amazing music. really in a different league from everything else, even radiohead and tool.

  14. so i agree that this is the best season since vegas, for sure, and i basically like everyone on the show except for brooke. colie is definitely the hottest girl, and not only is alex the hottest guy, he is without a doubt the hottest real world cast member ever. i would totally go gay for him in one second. brooke sucks though. eew. steve is cool, alex is kinda immature but funny, tyrie is a bit too uppity but cool, jen is an annoying overdramatic alcoholic slut, colie seems like the most down to earth girl, and i actually don't mind davis at all. he seems chill. brooke is the only problem.

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