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  1. How about this gem. This is absolute gold if you ask me: Emphasis mine.And this is coming from a guy that plays very "Danielesque" - meaning pretty loose aggressive, not weak-tight like most twoplustwoers.In fairness, here's a link to the page, if I'm going to snip something from there to here, it should be mandatory to give a link back:http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showflat...=0&fpart=6&vc=1
  2. Oh yeah baby, my first Krabler!!!!I like to end my day with a Nutbar $5+.50 0r $10+1 LHE Sit&Go. It's a lot of fun, and when you do well with it early, you can just crush a table. It's a good way to donk around and get that pent up wanting to raise every hand out thing . . . anyway, this one went well, and of course I won it, thanks to Krabler. By the time we got heads up, I was up about 11K-4K, with blinds of 75/150, which is pretty sweet for limit. Anyway, the Krabler hand, of course, I had him dominated with it!:FIXED_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $5+$1 (Real Money), #54,798,207 Fort Bragg Single
  3. This thread is incredible, I'm glad I've finally discovered it, don't know how I missed it over the last 10 months.March 28 should be declared National Krabler Day. Maybe I'll take off work that day and make it a holiday.I can't wait to do the dance!Anyone who hates this thread is a humorless asshat that needs to lighten up, it's just a game, have some fun.
  4. Ugh - I made it all the way through, and then after it said I would be charged $24.99, I never got any further, the guy stopped talking and after 10-20 seconds of dead air, I got a message that said 'prompt load failed . . . prompt load failed'. And I was disconnected.Daniel had said he'd come back on but I never got that, was it important? Also, how can I verify that my order went through (without waiting 4-6 weeks to see if I get a DVD - I didn't pay the extra $5.99)? I also think it cut me off before I finished saying the expiration date on my credit card.If any admins can help out or pass
  5. The title for the blog tomorrow had better be BOO YA!Congrats!
  6. Catching a bluff with weak hands is more fun - especially if you aren't a calling station that tries to do it all the time :-)I also think it's a lot tougher to do than pulling off a big bluff. People bluff all the time, and there are certain times where the other has to fold, even if he's fairly sure he's ahead. It's not nearly as hard to do that.Again, I'm not talking about the picking off a bluff on a whim type of thing. But in a big spot, against a good player, to look at everything that's transpired in the hand, and just know he just doesn't have it, and call down and win with J2 on a K97
  7. I'm pretty sure I'm going to qualify for this - one question admin . . . It says above that people will be divided into 200 groups - does that mean we only get one shot? It seems like there could be a lot of schedule conflicts with only one tournament that would limit participation.Is there any mechanism for requesting a group that would play on a certain date or something? Just curious, but for someone who works weird hours, this would be important. Thanks for any info.
  8. Anyone know the structure yet? Is it just a basic tourney? It would be nice if they could make it deep stacks and slow blinds . . . can't wait for Sunday!
  9. Oh boy, now it's really going to hit the fan.I"m guessing 125 posts on this thread by Monday . . .
  10. Emineric, lot's of people drop down to blow off steam. If you don't think it's fun to go to a .05/.10 table and raise every hand for 20 minutes and donk off $5 of a $1500 bankroll or something, you need to get laid, or get a massage, or get drunk or something. You take life (and poker) way to seriously.It's really fun to nutbar a $5 or $10 LHE S&G, try it some time.Seriously, the dude lost $840. Not $8K or $80K; but $840. That is nothing to them. They'll bet that on how long it takes them to get a beer from the bar or something.
  11. Uh, aren't you forgetting what was in the pot already? I did the math, go back and read my post . . . I assume based on the testimonials here that you are a great player, but implied odds equal the current pot plusthe opponent's stack, not just the stack . . .
  12. Read everything else I wrote. I agree he donked it all off, and as I said he was having fun. All I said was in response to the drawing dead comment that he made a reasonable play on the turn to call, so he wasn't just firing the whole way. He was getting 8:1 implied and he was an 8:1 dog, so it was just a =EV play.I never defended anything else he did strategy wise, just said that he was having fun, and on this particular hand he didn't play it all that bad on the turn, that's all.
  13. I dropped the last line of my post after more thought.I completely disagree, in sit & gos I think it's definitely about playing for 3rd first, and then once you get 3rd, figuring out a way to win. It's really not that hard to get 3rd in a sit & go (unless you end up with like 6 or 7 really patient players, which happens occasionally even as low as $20+2), and you are rarely going to be so short stacked that you can't come back if you aren't the leader, considering how big the blinds are by the time there's 3 left.It's not like a MTT where just sneaking into the money gets you .18% or s
  14. checkmcfold, I see your point, but how often do you think A high beats the slightly better than random hand that someone is investing his last chips with.I see your point early in a 1000-person tourney. But in a Sit&Go? Knocking out players is important there. How often have you seen a shortstack come back to win? You get 20% of the pie just for grabbing 3rd yourself. I think you do everything you can to knock someone out in that spot, unless the pot is significant.
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