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  1. ya, thats kinda more along the lines of what im talking about.If you call you are pretty much making sure that the CO comes along for the ride. you are right that even if you shove he will PROBABLY call but if he doesnt then you lost a great opportunity to take advantage of AA against one opponent (in the side pot that is)thanks for your honest response and not just trying to be funny. at least you show that you've atleast read the question
  2. dude, british guy, why is that funny?Im saying, its obvious that you wont fold. correct? funny for some reason? maybe to you.anyway, even if you shove that statement is still correct. There is no more betting and you have to hold up against those two hands. why is that funny? its just english language used to describe what happens in poker when there are 2 players all in in the same hand against a 3rd guy who is not all in. I dont get your "lol" there
  3. essentially, with this particular situation, you have the opportunity to have two separate contested hands with AA rather than just 1.by bringing in the cutoff, it is like you are hedging your initial investment.Now you see?If you get the cutoff to get his chips in and you beat him you guarantee ~10,000 chips even if you LOSE the main pot.still an INSTASHOVE?still laughing at flatting??dont just say it and laugh. take a minute to think it through.I dont mind if you prove me wrong, just do it with some logical reasoning and explanation.
  4. No, i did not "lose" because this never happened. Do you know what "hypothetical" means?Does anyone in here have any tournament poker sense? Some one must.______________You see, i asked this particular question for a reason.this is not really a "trick" question but it is close. It requires more than just basic thinking that goes with cut n dry poker decisions.This is the essence of situational tournament poker.You have two guys all in already who you will undoubtably be contesting when the board is complete because there is no way you are going to fold to either of their all in bets - simple.T
  5. I forgot to mention - the CutOff spot has you covered by a couple thousand chips.
  6. Hi guys, i've thrown this question around to friends and in other forums because I want to get different views on it. It's a hypothetical situation so the numbers are vague and don't need to be specific.Here is how it goes:_______________________________________________You are in a tourny.You have ~14,000 chips and are UTG with AA.The blinds are 200-400.You raise 3x the bb to 1200. The next few players fold and the cutoff just calls.The button folds.SB goes all in for 2900.BB also shoves all in for 4900.The next player to act is you with only one left behind (the cutoff who called your raise).
  7. nice job tjman, cardcore, your avatar wrestler gif is nuts. kind of impressive actually. i never thought id say that about pro wrestling
  8. nice work. the optimist says "the disconnection was a blessing in disguise. You woulda busted out otherwise"the pessimist says "Imagine how much more dominant your stack size coulda been without the disconnect"until time machines or parallel universes are available on ebay we have to settle with just never knowingeither waynh
  9. duuuuuude. No.just no.when you are guarantee FT payouts the last thing you are worried about is taking time off to leave for vegas early to get over the jetlag.rest assured, if any non northamericans make the final they will be in LV waaaay before the FT starts
  10. Add me to the list of people who think this is a retarded idea.....Oh well, milk it milk it milk it right? thats what network execs are paid to do.I hope it backfires so that they leave it alone next yearanyway, this was a funny write up about the FT and how it can possible get F'd up by various unpredictables Top 5 likely Outcomes of Postponing the Main Event FT
  11. good AC post. I have never been but am thinkin about it. this help(s)(ed)
  12. thats a solid play in my opinion.If you ask me, the guy who acted angry after the river was the one who had bad etiquette cause there was still betting action.just a bunch of whiners imo
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