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  1. Your right...it is pretty lame to play for possibly 1.5 million dollars plus any bit of profit you make playing the highest stakes possible against one of the toughest poker players in the game right now. stupid lame professional poker players. losers
    Nice job laying on the sarcasm nice and thin there.I never said the amount of money was lame. I never said the players were lame. In fact I even said that even though something about Durrr annoys me as a person I respect his skills.What is lame is a prop bet that takes months, if not years, to finish and is not actively pursued unless either person has nothing better to do and feels like chipping away at this massive goal of playing 50k hands. Think about how long ago it started and consider how far along it's come. To do it privately is one thing but to announce it to the whole poker world as if it's something they will tackle right away is another. its like false advertising. lame
  2. Hey guys,New to the forums but I came across an article that I thought was worth posting (Mods please delete if this is a repost). pokerListings did a story about the top 5 least popular main event winners.Pretty interesting but I think the writer must be high to include Jerry Yang on the list. Gotta agree with the number 1 pick though.
    I liked that article actually. Similar to my top 5 hated winners list except i put hellmuth and nguyen on there too cause i loathe those guys. Both too arrogant for their own good.This was also cool - 40 years of WSOPdoyle-brunson-10195.jpg
  3. Tom McEvoy is on my list.
    I understand celebrating because he just won the ME....but, still....He just looks like an idiot when he does it.
    OH MIE GAHDwow. So much hilariousness in that video. Wow.first, that hat. holy moly. seriously? Were the 80's really that far out of touch?But the celebration and the jumping on the table, with the fist pump shouting "alright! I did it" is like straight out of an 80's cheese movie.It makes me wonder if in 20 years people will look back on 2009 and think that we too are super lame...it cant be that bad. no way
  4. I think Shaniac speaks the truth with this quote:"Anyone with a distaste for rebuys can wait for tomorrow's event at the WSOP, so even if it does represent the wants of a small section of players, there is no reason to make any concessions to that group."If they are going to have 50+ events, the elimination of rebuy events seems kind of stupid to me, especially with the amount of people who like that particular event.
    yeah, agreed.I wonder what the true issue was. Are they simply trying to state their claim that wealthier players (often pros) are more likely to win bracelets because of rebuys? Well, that may be the case but so be it. These are tournaments like any other.Some people love these events and it's not really fairly to completely eliminate them.Hey, atleast the dealers will be happy now that they won't have to deal these often longer tournies.
  5. I just read this. Wanted to post it here to see what everyone thinks. It's basically a debate of tournament structural integrity versus traditionShaniac takes on Negreanu in rebuy debate"While I think Daniel is passionate about poker and has helped the game tremendously over time, it's not a stretch to say that he is a bit out of touch with the mass of poker players. It's certainly quite clear that his priorities are different."That's fine, except he still comes off like he's 'telling it like it is' or doing 'what's best for poker' when his statements regarding rebuys are not really logical or straightforward.""It certainly does feel like messing with tradition," Schleger said. "The fact that Daniel doesn't even acknowledge that it's a tradition and acts like 'we're finally righting a wrong' is intellectually patronizing."Shaniac responds to DN

  6. Without talking about position in the technical sense of the word, I think that where people are at a live game has a large impact on how certain hands play out.Basically what i mean is that if you engage in conversation with players by virtue of them sitting closer to you (rather than across the table, ie. further away and less conducive to chitchat) it ultimately could impact the way you bet against that player should the situation arise.If you are having friendly convo with someone at a live game or tourny you may not be as aggressive against them later because of the intangible "friendly atmosphere" that has been created.i think this is part of why i prefer to listen to music when i play at live games. I dont mean to be rude but this way i have no remorse about check raising someone or slow playing when i have the nuts. Maybe im too empathetic to begin with but i generally would feel worse busting up someone who was earlier being extra nice to me. If they are Dbags on the other hand, .....whole nuther story.cliffnotes - i think i should be meaner

  7. hey. just wondering where you guys are getting most of your updates from? I have been checking out lots of sources. I mostly just use the WSOP main website but i like getting different views. i found this one this morning. the review is pretty good but i found myself watching cause of the girl i think. not exactly a stunner but she has a good appeal. amy mcbride WSOP event 1 review vidtough loss for bloch on his birthday - losing yet another heads up at the final table.2nd place is the FIRST LOSER. lol, sorry

  8. i find that if i am a little bit high i can focus a lot better on the players - but this is when i play live. I dont find it advantageous at all when playing online.too much alcohol or weed is not beneficial (for me).For some reason tho, when i am drunk and playing blackjack i do much better. My cousin had a funny half-hearted invention idea. Similar to cars that force you to take a breathalizer before they will allow you to start the engine, he says he wants his computer to make him do that before logging on to stars/tilt.....hahahhaalso, same for cell phone and drunk dialing(PATENT PENDING lol)

  9. seriously wowlike, holy shit.Tough love time.Tough:Do you realize how many absurdly successful tournament and cash game players have posted in this thread detailing exactly why almost every single point you've made is wrong? There's easily way over a million in tournament winnings behind just the posters who are being articulate and giving you math based, logical explanations why you are looking at this from a completely and totally wrong perspective. Love:Look, everyone comes to some weird conclusions when they're relatively new to the game. Winning players and losing players. The difference is that the winning players are able to recognize when their initial perceptions may be flawed and adjust them in the face of experience or sage advice that speaks to the contrary. Either you're not reading the rest of the posts in this thread critically, or you need to put your ego aside and admit defeat. On the bright side, you're attempting to think about the game critcally. You came to some weird conclusions, but there are plenty of places that can teach you how to move your thought process in the right direction. Try the actual strategy forums here and just read for a while, then ask some questions and be open to the responses you get. If you really want to put some effort into it, join pokervt.com or another training site. If you absolutely continue to defend your initial reasoning though, you're going to get mocked FYI.
    hey, i certainly do value the points. I left this thread kinda early yesterday because i had to leave work and watch the playoffs. At that point i didnt get a lot of actual mathematical feedback refuting my opinion. Mostly what i got was mocking remarks. I dont mind people proving me wrong with facts and numbers. When i came back to the post this morning there were a lot more posts with well articulated explanations and I agreed with them for the most part and definitely appreciated them. I realize there are a lot of great players here. Thats why i read here and posted this.The thinking i am trying to impart here is a bit unconventional. Thats why i find it intriguing and why i keep defending the minority view. If you play this hand out x amount of times and try the various options presented here you might see that sometimes its good to think outside the box (more value gained here with the strange side pot circumstance). I have been reading what lots of posters have written and i do think that pushing all-in is a very good move here. Im not disputing that. But im bringing other options to light to expand traditional tactical views.
  10. What you seem to be ignoring, is that regardless what action you take, just the fact that you are in there should let the CO know that you have a strong hand. Out of the 3 options (ignoring fold obv), shoving all in will look the most suspect to a majority of MTT players. Flat calling looks like you want to CO in the hand, re-raising (but not shoving) will leave you with little chips and again, most players will see you as committed so there is no reason not to just shove instead. As a complete nit myself (you gave the example that a nit would fold to a shove), I am 10x as likely to pay off a shove there then a flat call.So unless you are up against one of those rare donks who will call pretty much anything pre flop, but gives a lot of respect to all in bets, shoving is the optimal play because it gives you the best chance of being paid off vs your typical MTT player. By flat calling you are giving away the strength of your hand to a good deal of players, and ultimately giving up value in the long run. I don't want the extra 3700 or whatever from the CO, I want to double up, and I think shoving is the optimal way to do this.
    Thats a fair point. I tried to mention in that last post that you are making your final move based on the read you have on the CO as a player and what he is likely to do in response to your bet/call
  11. Ok, well first of all, I never said anywhere explicitly that going all-in PF was wrong. I just dont think it is optimal.I dont mean to put focus on "flat calling" here. What I wish to focus on in this situation is the fact that you definately should want the 4th player in this pot - however possible.If you shove all in and he calls this is good. If you flat call and he shoves and you call this is good. If you min-raise and he calls this is good. If you shove and he folds this is not ideal.Say you do shove and the CO folds. [Odds calculated below with pokerstove: AA v xRandom hands involved in Pot]Your AA holds a 70.7% chance of winning against two random hands.The pot here is 2,900 + 4,900 + 4,900 + 1,200 = 13,900.This is a solid option no doubt.But, on the other hand, lets say you get the CO in the hand and all the chips go in (whether you manage this preflop or on the flop)Main Pot = 2,900 +4,900 + 4,900 + 4,900 = 17,600Side Pot = 9,100 + 9,100 = 18, 200Your AA holds a 61% chance now of winning the main pot. I imagine this is where all of the donkeyviews of me are coming from. Inviting the 4th player in drastically reduces your chance of winning the pot by nearly 10%. But, look at what it does for you in terms of the side pot. Your AA has an 85% chance of winning the larger side pot.I agree that flat calling may be suspect because it forces you to make a bet on the flop on a potentially worrisome board so ya, if you know your opponent in the CO well enough to know he will call your shove then by all means do so. But if he is new to the table, extremely tight or unpredictable then I feel you gotta do whatever it takes to get him involved here - the edge your holding preflop with AA here is too large to not take advantage of this moment.

  12. like.. you're missing the whole poitn.. if he is gonna call another 3700 chips... he's probably gonna call your all in. I want to get my money in when i know im 100% ahead. Anything else is just ludicrous imho.
    I definitely agree that if he comes along, at one point all of your chips are going in. I never was disputing that. What i was disputing was the fact that if you go all in PF he might fold - and i think this is a mistake.You can go all in after the flop because you act first. Remember, I am saying that with this decision you have to be 100% content with the fact that you are going to shove (after you make sure you get the CO in there with you)
  13. The main thing to me is this.If you bring along the cutoff, you can effectively increase your stack while still LOSING the main pot. To do this you have to beat one player and you hold AA. Instashoving does not guarantee this possibility.It is like hedging your bets

  14. NO ITS NOT A RISK YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO TAKE.Tournament poker is about staying alive.. no matter what. Accumulating chips is important..but.. PROTECTING YOUR CHIPS IS 100x more important. We have a nice stack... over 30 bb's... if we shove and win the 3 way pot..then we are sitting with over 50 bb's. There is absolutely no reason to try and price another person in and take our hand 4 way to the flop.
    sorry - i quoted wrong___________________________________Good point. I can dig it.But are you saying you would not go all in if you were heads up against this same stack - assuming the sidepot business didnt exist in this little scenario
  15. wow you're way off. I bolded the extemely idiotic things you said.I have a little tourney knowledge.. i think... anyway... if you dont shove your AA here then you're beyond retarded. plain and simple... good day sir.
    Okay, so clearly I am beyond retarded. But sir, tell me WHY. Explain it to me. Then I can perhaps take your expertise to heart. But back up your belittling comments please. I did not make fun of you. You can make fun of me but only if you prove it to me first.
  16. To be a poker expert around here you need atleast 25 prior post...For me to take you serious, please capitalize "I"....oh yeah....The correct play is insta-shove...
    EDIT---- lol, by the time I'm done ("trying to") defending the merits of this post "I" should have well over 25 posts....lol
  17. I hate flat calling here, it's just not the way I play in tournaments. I think you'll find yourself hard pressed to find many people who think it's good here.I could be wrong.The pot is about 10400 as you act after the shovesYou have 12.8kCO has 14.8kIf you flat call and he calls behind the pot is gonna be about 17k and you'll have 9k behind meaning you pretty much have to shove 100% of flops. So why not just do it preflop where you're guaranteed to get your money in good?IDK when I play I try to get as much in preflop with KK/AA as I can. Specially online with fast structures/small stack sizes.
    Yes, i fully agree. However i think this situation is different because if you discourage the CO from joining the hand you have a 3way pot with no betting and the cards face up. If that is all you want then that is fine - but i think it is not optimal.I think what is optimal is to establish in your mind that that mainpot is now out of your control. Leave it be and consider the fact that you have the chance to play an isolated hand with a guy with a stack slightly bigger than yours and you hold AA plus you know that since the situation is a bit unusual, he is probably going to want to stick around. I agree with you that your only move is to shove AFTER the flop. I am committing to that in my mind even before the flop comes. Essentally you know you are going to be all in if the CO comes along and you gotta be confident that is one time............ONE TIME!!!!! hahah..............your AA will hold against him. You may even lose the smaller main pot but if you beat that one guy its huge and you take out a monster stack in the process
  18. Ummmmmmmmm GFYYou ask for opinions and then want to argue the answers you get. Don't ask for answers unless this was the entire point of your post. Nice way to join a forum where you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about or who you are talking to.I thought kafkapoe was banned from this site...EDIT: By the way, this post just struck me as incredibly rude - so I answered before reading anymore.
    I realize im new to the forum and i didnt start a thread to be confrontational. In fact, on the contrary, i came here to start an intelligent conversation with people who i thought would treat the topic with equal due diligence - as im sure you would expect too if you had an idea you wanted to share (in any place of discussion be it online or in person). Is it not a bit disappointing to get hasty sarcastic responses to something that you know holds some merit and u hoped to have more insighful banter about? I believe it is. I was hoping to get some solid responses - which i have from some people - and i respect them for that.
  19. before i read answers i probly call and shove any flop committing him in the pot so incase i lose to the other 2 i have a nice side pot to win but when i call and he hits his set on the flop and insta snap helmuth calls my shove i rip my shirt off and knock all the chips on the floor and kick and scream while crying as security carries me out.but thats just me .
    ya mase, thats what i was thinking too....but i think thats a risk you gotta be willing to take.if you think about it tho, if you could play that one guy heads up with AA (and pretend that side pot didnt exist) wouldnt you want the chips all in preflop? If you say yes to that then you sorta gotta think the same way here imo
  20. to break it down ........you want the 4th player (the cutoff) in the hand with you. if you dont agree with that then say so and we can discuss it further.if you do agree, here is how you do it:A) call. CO is priced in and responds by either calling himself, raising all in, or, if hes funny like some of you guys he folds (1/10000 chance he's that bad)B.) Raise all-in. He still probably calls but if you challenge him to lay it down and that is not to your advantage here.

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