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  1. just found the heads up vid with helmuth
  2. As durr has become a more popular player I was wondering what people thought of him. I've heard some people say he's kind of cocky and a jerk. Anyone played with him?
  3. okay if everyone moves in preflop and you have aces, do you call?
  4. Okay I just though of a really easy way to cheat on online poker.Buy in 1000 dollars for nine different accounts and have your friends control those accounts. Then all of them can buy into the same 1 table sit and go and then over time they will build up the acounts and then they can cash it in together.
  5. don't they make enough money already. Can someone do the math?like 10,000 dollars time let's say 4000 cause alot of people sattelite into it.so that makes 40,000,000.Minus the prize pool.Also add in the Horse event. Which is something like 50,000 times 400 which is 20,000,000 minus the 2 mill top prize. also ESPN probably pays Harrah's a little to film in their casino.Not to mention all the other money made off the other events and all the degenerates attracted during the series to play games like blackjack and stuff.
  6. ROFL ok sorry for my newbie topic. Next time I'll try and make it interesting.What drugs did mike matusow do?no jk...
  7. oh ok sorry. well none of the guys who said this thread sucked will win anyways so it doesn't matter.
  8. Do you think a pro will ever win the main event again?Pros that have come close in recent years:ScottyPhil IveySam FarhaDavid WilliamsMike Matusow?Lee WatkinsonAllen cunninghamdiscuss.
  9. Ok good...lolBut seriously hope you do great again this year daniel we'll all just have to wait it out and see if the final table gets hyped up. Usually atleast one pro makes it every year so it will always be great to watch.
  10. I like how phil has five bracelets but none in hold em, gotta respect that. Any old joe can get lucky and win a bracelet in hold em, I think it takes more skill to win at the other games.
  11. I was thinking a site could have WTA's (winner take all). I dunno if any sites have this but I am positive Full Tilt doesn't have WTA cash tournaments. This would make it harder to cash but the top prize would be bigger.
  12. Daniel said how the am's would have the advantage and all that....exactly why I am against this. I wanna see Daniel win, I wanna see Phil Ivey win. I don't want to sit through another table with Jerry Yang or Jamie Gold *yawn* I wanna see sick plays not am's going all in, getting lucky and screaming YES YES. Atleast the 2006 table had Allen and it made it interesting.
  13. I hear ya, basically in April I learned all in preflop is < calling.
  14. I had a really bad april too.Made two final tables that were specifically bad. It was a 45 sit n go so only 6 got paid.The first one I went all in with A J suited and the jerk calls with A 4 and hits the 4 on the flop.The second one I go all in with AA and the guy calls with queens. Flop (okay) turn (no queen) river..........queen :(and it seemed like every hand i played in april i would get rivered, glad its over with.
  15. Whatever happens daniel better take it down
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