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  1. yea i been playing limit six handed i really like it alot
  2. scs i am a new player i am just learning the game i asked something all i wanted was a answerand thank u nlh2020
  3. say i am in the big or small blind some one rasies i rerasie from the blind with like AK is this a bad play
  4. yea i am starting to play a few on those heads up 2 dollar sit and go's i think i that is the weak link in my game cause i do have little heads up play
  5. yea i am newish i only been playing for real money for like not even a year yet but i am learning alot thanks guys
  6. when u guys play 6 handed do u guys play differnt then u do when u play 9 i seem to do better at 9 handed is there anything that could help me when playing 6 hand or short handed
  7. i just looked at opr.com and full tilt is back up there now
  8. good playing i watched it for 4 people lefted
  9. yea i am a little more then half way into the book i am liking it alot
  10. i just started railing when heads up
  11. i like looking at OPR site to see how many sit and go's i bust out off
  12. alright cool thanks guys
  13. yea i saw it i couldn't type tho but nice deep run anyway congrats
  14. alright i am there railing my 1 one take it down
  15. yea that sounds good thanks mtdesmoines whats the easyes way to find the fish
  16. yea i took a 2 days off still dont seem to be running good i think i am doing something wrong in my game but not sure what
  17. hey guys for like the past few days i just be running bad how do some u guys deal with this like trying not to tilt ur money away ?
  18. yea i think it is so bad
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