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  1. Doesn't matter to me. I'm available 24/7.
  2. I have references on 2p2 if u want. Add to Skype joshdt33
  3. He busted 1st guy in 9th AK>Q9 aipf and is 3/8 now 18bb stack. Fast ending structure.
  4. ft $3r 20k, 2/8 and just came 3rd in big 22 for $4800
  5. close. Yeah I'm like god knows, 4 cashes maybe for 30events, I run good.
  6. I'm playing 80-90 events and going for leaderboard. gl all playing.
  7. I have won tournaments since my last post but neglected to post anything here as I have been on a downswing for a while and didn't feel like posting. I have been flat lining for months and just recently I have been reviewing more and more hand histories to improve as I didn't do that for a while and that was clearly a bad idea. I think the title of this thread may be misleading, lol. I will probably start a new one soon. I just chopped 3 way in the bigger $4 for 4k on Sunday so it's only up from here.
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