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  1. Definetly a strange dude, he really makes us so cal guys look good
  2. I am sick of Annie Duke and her dork brother always in the middle of these things, remember they were the leaders of the group who convinced Dn, Hellmuth and others to not play in Poker superstars 2 . They need to keep there big mouths shut like DN said, he has one two WPTs and both were when the fields were half the size they are now,and his fat gawky a$$ is all over the tv
  3. Ivey DNGreenstienDark "H.O.R.S.E" if he's playing Paul Darden great stud player and limit holdem
  4. I like how sammy kept asking the rest of the table who invited "shieky" to the game
  5. There is no quesion about that, this is the most random group of players I have seen in a while, hopefully that lets DN take advantage of joe six pack trying to make the money
  6. I am subscribed to the Bully site, I think it is worth every penny got some good stuff, shows more than just fights, (he showed Messiers whole # retiring) it is a good site he puts alot of effort into it.
  7. Going to Ireland next year just want to know if anybodys heard what its like over there or even better actually been. thanks
  8. Doyle's win was awesome, the episode when Chau lost to that kid was fun to watch also Chau is the man
  9. Ive seen it a few times Ive called it once when a guy was looking around the table for help with a decision
  10. 8 am pacific start time in this tourney brutal, must be plenty of coffee flowing in that room.
  11. I dont care enough to think of a whole scenerio, but crazy pineapple which it sounds like you were playing is High/Low split, at least thats how I've always played it, so a though hand would be like K 2 7 off and the board is like K 4 3 now what do you discard the possible low or the top pair both could easily be beaten.
  12. I like what Alan Cunningham say's its 100% luck and 100% skill, I think that situationally especially in a tournament that holds true not to mention it is a great mindset to have, keeps you from thinking your a genius and also keeps you from getting down on yourself.
  13. Cardplayer said around 1000 97 or so tables
  14. I think it is Men "the master" I have hear rumors of him being broke or needing to be staked all the time
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