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  1. Last night i went to a .05/.10 home game and it was hilarious. I just wanted to post up a hand that i thought were priceless.The first was maybe 20 hands in, effective stacks of about 10$ a person. Folds to button who raise .3, SB calls and i call the extra from the BB with A-Koff. I know i should raise here, but considering the SB, i was sure he'd bet into me. Flop comes out A-5-4 (rainbow). SB checks, i bet .4, button calls, SB folds.Turn is a K. I check, he bets .75, i call.River is a 5. I check. Button checks. Button shows 4-5 for a full house. i showed A-K and laughed in his face. worst c
  2. me and a bunch of people in Berkeley. Message me if you wanna get into a game.
  3. Doing the same challenge playing .01/.02 nl full ring with starting BR $10.I've played 500 hands over 6 sessionscurrently up to 29.98Dn was so right about the penny tables being soooo easy to win at. All you really have to do it wait around, play almost ridiculously tight, and get paid off every time with the nuts. Don't do anything too tricky because these players really don't get it most of the time. GL with your BR building!
  4. Probably have to call here. behind at this point. i don't see him betting here without flush. he may be donking off with underset, but very unlikely.
  5. well let me clarify one point: ive been playing for about 3 yrs and have had success playing 6max on FT. I have no problem switching up my play in terms of using position, exploiting weaker opponents, and playing creatively post flop. I guess i was trying to be specific about the question and it's relation to the micro stakes on PS. It seems like the creative play that i would implement on higher levels is almost wasted alot of the time when the players will call down almost anything. Considering that... it seems almost impossible to lose playing the micro stakes when you get paid off like 90
  6. Personally i would raise here. Given that i only know he's a "loose player", this feels like he may have called with a pretty wide range pre-flop: knowing this i'm putting him on maybe a top pair hand or ace high trying to take the pot away. A fold is alright with me though. if you don't feel like you def. have the best hand, i never like to get involved with a huge pot early on in the tourney mainly because you run into so many maniac plays from maniac players. I'd never call this bet... but would like to hear a justification for a call. Maybe call to take it down on the turn if villan checks
  7. I posted a few days ago that i was attempting to build up a roll on Pokerstars. i've never really played much on that site, but have had some initial success playing the micro limits. My question is related to opinions of whether i should focus on full ring games vs. short handed play for cash games. Ideally i want to minimize the number and size of downward swings... is this easier to do playing full ring?? I have no problems playing patiently as i usually play while doing h/w and fold ALOT but still get paid off with premium hands (people don't notice me only playing J's+). Any advice would
  8. i have also been reading the strategy discussions without posting for awhile and just barely joined when i had a specific question for others about my game.
  9. So I know i'm one of the many people who have tried this, and i know Daniel is currently working on his own challenge, but i'm trying to get some opinions on how to run up some money on stars playing strictly cash.My starting BR is 10$ and my conservative goal is getting it up to $1,000 by the end of the year. Taking into consideration that i will only be playing a few hours a night. Looking at Dn's guidelines: "1. I won't move up in limits unless I have 500 big blinds for that limit. I'm starting at $0.01-$0.02 with a $10 bankroll.2. When possible, my buy in amount will allow me 5 buy ins at
  10. KK10-10 or J-JA-QWill you message me real holdings??? pretty interesting activity...might use this with my club at school
  11. Recently played in a 6max tournament. It was by far the loosest/slowest/and most passive tables ive ever been on. There was never a preflop raise and when there was you could count on a large pocket pair or A-J or better. Yet whenever i would make a standard raise (2.5-3.5x) i'd get 2-3 callers consistently and out of position. It was almost like i could limp in from any position without concern of being raised out of the pot. With this kind of thing going on, is it correct to take that cheap flop with most hands as long as im in position knowing that a raise means im beat?? Ive really never p
  12. well what i figured is that people are at the end of their sessions and arnt at the top of there game. I know personally when ive been playing all night, i tend to donk off a little money right before i quit because i simply am not paying as much attention. I dont know if that is common or not but i think it may be a reasonable assumption.
  13. Ive been noticing that while playing on FT, that there are times in which i notice that the play becomes significantly worse at the tables im playing (.25/.50) Usually around 7-9pm and 3-7am (PST). Although it really screws up my sleep cycle, playing in the early early mornings seems worth it so far. Considering all that, is there any real stats about when more inexperienced or leisure players are on? Ive heard something about it occuring more during major sporting events on certain sites... but i think that pertains to the betting sites more. What is your experience with all this, do you thin
  14. Tournament number:73090226lol..first final table is in a freeroll.. wow its on FTPfinished 2nd...12$ free
  15. just got off a half year exclusion period... drunken tilt is by far the worst
  16. Thanks for the response...the whole putting it into perspective thing really is what it's all about. Currently finishing college is top priority, which always trumps poker. But it is still frustrating when i grind some small stakes up and then end up blowing it all in a matter of hours. I am recreational so i should approach it that way.
  17. Recently i've been having some issues while playing online where i'll get pissed about something, usually unrelated to poker, while in a tourney and then end up busting out shortly after. At least for me, living with my girlfriend, concentration is tough at times but when i can devote attention i cash regularly.Can anyone share what gets them back into the right state of mind while playing, specifically during a MTT where taking a break isn't really an option. Any tips would be appreciated as this is probably the biggest leak in my game thus far.ALSO a side topic: Anyone with poker and relatio
  18. might be worth it just to meet some top names. as for the actual poker...probably pretty boring
  19. I dont know... i actually wanna get a game going while i watch it.. sort of like a super bowl party thing. but i am addicted to tv poker, so i'm not a really good example of what they were looking for. Interested in what their ratings will actually be.
  20. I usually only put up 5% of my stack in any one game... allows for variegate without going broke.
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