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  1. thats full-rigged for you. the site is ****ed.
  2. Full Tilt Poker Game #6581497830: Table Acres (deep 6) - $200/$400 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 1:46:49 ET - 2008/05/27Seat 1: movingsand ($22,000)Seat 2: ICallSoWhat ($208,217)Seat 3: Markus Golser ($139,544)Seat 4: durrrr ($61,834.50)Seat 5: FinddaGrind ($44,193.50)Seat 6: Urindanger ($48,488)Markus Golser posts the small blind of $200durrrr posts the big blind of $400The button is in seat #2*** HOLE CARDS ***FinddaGrind has 15 seconds left to actFinddaGrind raises to $1,400Urindanger foldsICallSoWhat raises to $4,800Markus Golser foldsdurrrr foldsFinddaGrind calls $3,400*** FLOP *** [4c 8s Jd]Fin
  3. after 400 SNGs, 5.50s, 10+1s, my ROI was 25%. Now at 530, it's 13%. Something tells me I'm horrible. But thank God for this game I suck at.
  4. and the times they run every day, or once a week, etc. etc.kthxbye
  5. sorry dude, didnt look at the forum when i was in. got 8.60 or somethin
  6. i have a hard time not overplaying Q-Q, does that make me horrible? lol
  7. the field went from nice to so big i want to vomit
  8. you're my favorite person of the day.
  9. Any good strat for the dooble stackers? I've never had the pleasure of playing any, besides a few of the PLO ones.
  10. hahaha. he was a little fag, you're right.
  11. DID YOU JUST FOLD A STRAIGHT FLUSH? DID YOU HONESTLY JUST FOLD A STRAIGHT FLUSH? CAN YOU PLEASE SEE WHY IM TYPING THIS IN CAPS. WHY WOULD YOU POST THIS? DO YOU EVER BEAT YOURSELF UP? I WILL IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE. PM ME. I WILL KICK YOUR ASS. 100K!!!!! STRAIGHT FLUSH. **** YOU.sorry, i still think you're super. but man, folding there? ive never been disgusted by another persons play. until nowthis cant be real
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