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  1. When you ck-thru on the Turn villian should have read that you were suspcious of his call on the flop and were either scared of a made flush or of the 2nd 8 on the Turn so are shutting down b/c you only have a modest hand (likely TP) and are not willing to put much if any more into the pot thus hoping to ck it thru to showdown. This of course open the gates wide open for your #2 above. A made flush or set more likely should recognize the ck-thru on the Turn as weakness and made a more tempting value be of less than 1/2 pot to suck out anther bet from you. For #3 to work, you would have had
  2. Simplify the hand by taking MP2 out of the equation since you were setting him up for a pot steal trap anyway. Without MP2 you would have C-bet vs the BB and would have gotten ck-raised. Are you folding, calling or raising in this scenero?P.S. If re-raising go for 2.5 x his raise or about $30 which will pot-commit him if he calls. Going for a full all-in might be too expensive for TT or A-9 to call while a more standard re-raise might keep him in the pot.
  3. He's likely a nit b/c hes multi-tabling and only playing solid hands which may be an over-pair to the board although Jacks or better should have raised preflop so more likely T-9 (s or o) or if he'd overvalue TP, maybe A-T. I would down-grade the flush or str8 draws since he 3-bet your re-raise and most guys on draws just don't do that unless they're hyper-agg maniacs which this guys is not - he's very tight aggressive. Even with QdJd most draws would still give up the lead to a raiser in positon figuring they were trapping (which he would be with 15 of 21 outs that will beat a set). Now a
  4. But muck your hand if you're beat! You don't want to be showing pocket rockets after playing it that way.
  5. Meaning the villian would have lead out if he had the flush! Man, I have lost a pretty big chuck of chips making that assumption too often with just TP before I learned to give up a little value and check the river thru. BB is calling with something - probably A-x - and probably Hero is ahead 60-70% of the time but a lot of players will over-play a slowplay to an aggressive player willing to keep the lead even with a made flush, a set or just 2 pair. It may be nitty but I don't bet that river with just TPTK - maybe it's the crowd I play with at the local casino who emortalize the concept t
  6. The 3-bet vs call preflop discussion is very interesting and I enjoyed some of the logic being applied. However, I think there is a fundamental oversight in the posts - that being the CO mini-bet preflop. That is a huge tell once you have a fair idea of what he's normal betting pattern is, otherwise without a pattern you have to make certain assumptions of which two come to mind.1. he's semi-slowplaying a huge starting hand Aces or Kings2. he's sweeting the pot with a sm-mid pp or suited connectorThe second assumption is mostly stupid (IMO) as it doesn't buy the button (if the button has any
  7. *** TURN *** [8d Qc Kd] [Ts]BS450TRX: bets 500se7enth_bok: ????Then you won't get results oriented replies to your post.BS450TRX bets 500 into a 300 pot (right?) with 4 str8 cards showing - looks like an attempt to steal to cut off draws - if not already made (A-J or J-9). You either shove or fold with that short a stack. Mostly depends on how you read the villians play imo but he played the T2P very well - good trap!
  8. Then you probably know me to see me although I been so busy this past summer I've haven't played live for over 2 months.
  9. do i put in a small raise here and fold to a shove? You got what you were chasing - I don't get you're reluctance to value bet it. Anyway, in regards to your question - if you figure you're going to fold to a re-raise then obviously just call and hope the BB either folds or calls also so you can turn up your cards and maybe win with the best hand. You don't re-raise if you figure you'll have to fold to another re-raise!!Playing 9-5s - smallball hands - has inherent risks of getting what you want and still coming up 2nd best. If these result in tuf decisions you have difficulty making, maybe
  10. Several thoughts.1. playing at 10% VPIP is playing too tight - you're hands become predicable.2. MP2 is playing tight but passive - looks to be a trapper or call stn - how does he call MP1 3xbb pfr and then your 6xbb re-r? Has to have a pocket pair likely 8+ but not Aces or kings or queens.3. Btn - small stack that could have gone with any two cards with color, ace high or even a small pp. From his point of view, he's getting good odds to more than triple up if he gets lucky so he's not much of a threat and his all-in is more like a pot sweetener - also b/c he is all-in he has no bearing on
  11. Aggressive players play more like you seem to expect they "should" while less agg and more passive players are either call stations or are willing to let an Ag do the betting for them (trappers) - to the point that the Ags burn off all their chips given enough rope.. The JJ probably put you on a pocket pair but wasn't going to test you or UTG with a re-raise (usually a mistake) whereas UTG looks like he's willing to risk a flush draw and an ace while letting you hang yourself (dangerous but profitable enough to risk it). As I read your OP and threads, it looks like UTG (if not both UTG ad B
  12. Actually I play more live than online these days so keeping count is just another skill you have to develope (with practice) in order to keep aware. Counting doesn't have to be exact - just close enough to do quick odds calculations so that helps.Your OP put the flop as "Flop is 3s Qc 4s" - but villian was drawing to a flush draw with clubs? I assume there was an error in the OP or in the reply above?? Doesn't change anything - just being nitty about the details - but according to you're read(s) the shove on the flop was your best move against a probable draw - imo.
  13. How very true - especially in fast format tournaments where most of the poker is played preflop and on the flop. There just arn't enough chips to play much after the flop unless you get a good sized chip lead without getting pot committed.
  14. You also said villian had twice the chips as you and would still have 3000 on the turn - that would b4 you bet your remaining chips or after? Makes no difference, I figure you were still all-in or fold on the flop.
  15. My math doesn't seem to be as good as yours.3000 starting stackminus 300 pfr = 2700minus bet 500-600 then call raise to 1400 = 1300minus 1600 bet on turn = -300 - must have borrowed it from the BBand you still have 1600 - 1800 left??? This table isn't the Last Supper and you're not Jesus huh?Anyway, on the flop you called the raise and by my math that would have left you only 1300 and already pot commetted so you should have shoved it all in then or folded. According to your math you still had up to 3400 on the turn with 3750 in the pot but once you bet 1600 you are once again pot committed
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