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  1. Yahoo reported he's expected to make between $750,000 and $1,000,000
  2. Florian -140Diaz -200Lentz -110Also BJ finishing EVEN and Randy/Toney not leaving the first -225
  3. This. I laughed at the thought of this. Why not have him say he'd never been with a girl who WASN'T fully shaved? Would be wayy more believable and still fit the story.
  4. I just can't wrap my head around what happened. If Anderson lost, that'd be fine. But not like that. Until the sub, he looked, terrible. Awful. I wonder how bad he really was hurt. I know he couldn't train and his green card didn't let him back in brazil for his grandmothers funeral but... I just can't fathom what happened.
  5. Out hand before break in like 200th. 250/500 button limps, sb shoves for 1500, I reshove for 5k with A6, button has aces. Thanks for stake.
  6. PocketDonkeys08 (Florissant) might be St. Louis. Avatar is dog
  7. Escobar's one was very good. Still think my favorite was Run Ricky Run, though.
  8. Finished 1276 for $8. Fun tournament.
  9. Pretty sure my table played one hand of 400/800 due to the bubble burst. This tournament is pretty funny, not sure why I haven't played before.
  10. no sweat. bought in late anyway. gl to everyone playing.
  11. Will play. Not sure how late reg is open. pocketdonkeys08
  12. A lot of people don't watch much soccer. All the diving and yellow card acting confirm to them why they don't watch much soccer.
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