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  1. LOL... yeah, I figured he was foreign and didn't understand sarcasm.. I could just imagine it... He thought he would be nice and help you play the *correct way*... lol... reminds me of playing a stud mix game a while back with some older people.. they tried to tell me why not to check raise and so on... furthermore, they considered a chk/raise impolite or something like that.
  2. Very cute baby tre. Nice to have run good genes too.. hehI know I hardly post, but I want to say thanks to Rdog and the rest of you who contribute. It's nice to have contributors who want to help others that want to put in effort to learn and.. possibly help them achieve their goals or at least challenge them to play better poker. I do think it will come back around for those people. Also, I've been reading from the beginning of the thread and I think NoSup4u deserves an abundance of thanks by many people, most of whom he doesn't know. I can't think of getting more inspiration from some
  3. I'll give it a shot.. If I figured he was a Reg, I would say this isn't normally the nuts unless he thinks you are some awful player who might call w/ a top pair type hand. The nice thing about pokerstars is you can see the last 5 hands or so and it sometimes gives an idea of how a player acts. Not sure if FT is the same way or not. I'm not sure why he would shove w/ a set either(unless he thinks of you in a certain way).. So unless he put you on a specific hand, he probably has Ac 10c or a two pair hand and is protecting/value shoving his hand.... I usually wouldn't call this without reads
  4. reasons for calling > reasons for not calling.. imo
  5. :/ Hard to imagine that a forest fire would have that many casualties...edit: I guess it was like 20 fires.. still, almost 200 people dead..
  6. any good hands to share??.. gonna rail ya for a couple of minutes
  7. yeah, in pl08 they would have all called you, which has been my problem lately.. but NL is too crazy of a game for me.
  8. Standard NL shove??... I usually wouldn't even consider a raise with that hand in PL08 6max...
  9. Why can't you just close your fulltilt account and then sign up another account using a rakeback site?
  10. Bad players show huge tells on the size amount of the turn and river bet... -- good assumption?? Shorter/odd stacks on tables are indicative of Fish.. -- good assumption??
  11. hmm.. tough decision... I'm sure people will tell you to 4 bet pf .. On that board I'm not aggressive in nature so I like to call, and reevaluate river.. The bet sizing/timing on the river will tell a lot depending on opponent.
  12. Is the EV line correct?... hard to believe you are getting your money in that good and losing soo much..
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