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  1. I lost my $25 deposit on UltimateBet 3 times at the .01/.02 NL tables before I improved and ran it up to $200 (then progressed up the limits)It really looks like you are playing with half your bankroll or the whole deposit everytime you play, don't do that! If you like No Limit and you want to start out with $50, play the $.01/.02 tables or the .05/.10 until it builds!
  2. Norman Chad isn't funny, he's super cheesy annoying.Like Richard Simmons...
  3. It sounds like you are a bit too impatient to get into the higher games to make a living. Here is my suggestion if you are serious about becoming a safe, playing professional. First step, get a part-time job, maybe even full-time... Then, play poker about 20 hours a week at the .50/1 tables, (200 big blind is as close as i'll cut it for a bankroll in limit) Gradually work your way up, when your bankroll hits $500, move to $1/$2, when it hits $1000, move to $2/$4, When it hits $2000, $4/$8, and finally when it hits $3000 move to $5/$10, or you could move even slower than this and play with
  4. the odds are better to hit a flush when you have 4 of a suit but in my opinion the implied odds of hitting a straight make up for that difference and possibly more depending on the player! I like them almost the same as flush draws.
  5. I prefer Fox Sports Net, Gregorich and Lederer provide great expert commentary and Chris Rose isn't annoying like Norman Chad of the WSOP. Norman just spits out cheap joke after cheap joke and it gets ridiculous. Vince Van Patten of the WPT also annoys me and can always be found saying the same stupid things every broadcast. He says stuff like, you gotta love it, poker at it's finest here, it's the battle of the blinds mike! It gets pretty annoying. I much prefer the in depth commentary of Mike Sexton and Howard Lederer, so i'd have to go with:Fox Sports Net > WPT > WSOP
  6. In an event filled with players worldwide, the top 3 winners were Americans in both 2003 and 2004.I haven't really played with any european players besides at 3-5am on Royal Vegas. There I get to play with mostly swedes and fins, who take low stakes limit and no limit loose calls to a new level. They call soooo much and I make more in these games than I do in some middle stakes games other places.
  7. I don't like your theory of min raising his 220 to 440 total on the flop. The problem is you've already put 120 into the hand and now you're going to put 440 more in, that's a total of 560 chips on the first hand of the tournament to find out where your hand is at? Depending on how many chips you started with, you are risking most of them on this hand just to find out where you are at. Fold preflop.
  8. It's okay to only win when you're running good, and only lose when you're running bad. It sounds like all you really need to do is working on limiting the amount you lose when you are running bad so that you are profiting enough money when you are running good to compensate for when you are running bad. Practicing to become better at recognizing when you are beat is a good way to limit your losses, and practicing extraction methods with good hands will help maximize your earnings while you are running lucky.
  9. So my friend David gets into town last night and we hit the town for a few drinks when he tells me he just got back from Vegas. Turns out he got to watch the final table with his dad, Card Player columnist and bookwriter Lee Jones. What a lucky dog, I am sooo jealous. Anyhow, congratulations Daniel and I wish I could have been there!
  10. You're right the small blind has 3 options, in my opinion option B is terrible. Option C in my opinion requires him to have a hand that will be enough of a favorite over Daniel's to make Daniel's call incorrect more times than it will be correct. However, with Daniel explaining the "Gus Hansen" factor as a beneficial reason for calling I think it just about evens out as a 50/50 whether to call or fold. It really depends what message you are trying to send to the table. Mathematically I believe it is incorrect if you ignore the psychological aspects.
  11. I'd have to say fold, there is 5800 in the pot and you've got to put in 2800 more, the pot is laying you just over 2 to 1 on your money. Your hand will have to win 33% of the time or more to make this a good call. We have to believe that if he has an ace, that it is a better ace than ours. Afterall if he had an Ace 8 or worse would he really move all in here when he would have 7 more hands to look at before he was in the big blind again? I don't think so. If he holds a better ace our hand will only win 25% of the time, not good enough. If he has a hand like 99, 1010, JJ, QQ, or KK we are
  12. I know I know, there are a lot of these type of threads going around, but I enjoy them immensely. The book that helped me the most was Zen and the Art of Poker, written by Larry W. Phillips.It talks about how to stay calm and even-keel in even the most difficult situations. It also encourages super-tight play and patience. I am not particularly fond of super-tight play, but the other lessons learned in this book were priceless. However, if you are looking for a book to teach you the concepts of the game, this certaintly isn't the one for you. This book is more about controlling ones emoti
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