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  1. Very nice, FCP representing large lately. Good work!!!Congratulations!
  2. Congratulations!!! Great to see someone who I've known on here for a long while handling WPT final tables for a 2nd place.Looks like JC Tran was just able to accumulate a lot of easy chips before it got heads up. I'm sure you'll get another chance at a title!
  3. I hope I will be able to say...I knew that guy years ago! As you are toasting your victory with Mike Sexton.
  4. Is epassporte safe to use for withdraw?How long do checks sent in the mail take?The other method is bank wire which has a hefty fee associated with it, so I'd rather not do that.
  5. Go ninja go ninja go!Ninja, ninja, RAP!
  6. Transfer money to a friend on Bodog from my Bodog account by entering his player name and the cash amount?If there is, I'm having trouble finding it.
  7. Vatche: Everyone here was aware the event was starting today, except maybe you.
  8. How much time would we have between the making of the seeds and the time the event starts?
  9. The 64 player draw party is on March 1st.Anyone know when the first round games start?
  10. What's your line if a diamond hits the river?
  11. Play is 9 handed.Stack Sizes:Hero has $194BB has $275Pre-flop: (9 players) Hero is Hijack with K K 3 folds, MP calls, Hero raises to $8, 3 folds, BB calls, MP calls.Flop: 2 4 3 ($25, 3 players)BB checks, MP checks, Hero bets $20, BB calls, MP folds.Turn: 3 ($65, 2 players)BB checks, Hero bets $40, BB calls.River: T ($145, 2 players)BB bets $100, Hero ????Reads:The whole table has been playing loose passive since I sat about 2 hours ago. I have been exploiting this by picking up lots of pots with dead money in them. Read on BB is that he is a good player from what I've seen, pretty TAG,
  12. I'm not saying his play is good if he makes that move with a set of 5s, I'm just giving some reasoning for why he might make the play.
  13. If he re-raises to 1200 and someone calls on the flop, and then a 3rd heart drops on the turn, what is he supposed to do then? Avoiding this situation is why I think a set of 5s is more likely to push in than check raise to 1200.
  14. I think you are assuming way too much about our unknown here.If we had some kind of read on how he likes to play we might be able to get inside his head and figure out what he's thinking, but it's early and we have no read. Just because he's in a $109 buy-in event doesn't mean he is going to play one way or another, maybe he just has a larger amount of money to fool around with in poker. He could be the worst player we've ever seen, who knows.
  15. There isn't a possibility of a flush.
  16. What's your read on villain's play? Is he observant enough to know how tight you've been playing? If he is that observant, I don't think he'd re-raise here out of the BB without AA/KK/QQ/JJ maybe AK but it depends on your reads. I'd just call his re-raise PF because while it sucks to possibly let some of the others behind you into the pot, it sucks worse when you isolate yourself against a better hand than yours.Once this same flop comes down, BB will have the lead and probably bet something, you have to be very observant with how he acts on the flop to try and figure out if your overpair o
  17. You're not necessarily wrong just because of these results Mercury. A decision can still be the correct one if it's right a lot more than it is wrong.If he turns over something that has us in bad shape here we're wrong, and I think his range could definitely include KQ/AK/a set.In my opinion, we aren't right about the NFD nearly enough to be making this call.I fold.
  18. I'm not sure I really agree with Peyton being the MVP either, but it got me to thinking. Who should it be? I couldn't really come up with anyone else that should have it either. Therefore I think you look back to who is calling the plays in the huddle and organizing the team who won on the field, the QB.Rhodes did have a good game at 21 carries for 113 yds and a TD though.Addai also looked good if you tack on his 10 catches.
  19. This is an easy call for several reasons.1) We could be ahead.2) We have an OESD3) Our kicker pairing might be good4) Another 10 might be good5) He could easily have no club, so our club draw might also be live.6) Read is that he's too passive, could make it easy to build your stack back up if you lose by chipping away.
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