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  1. I was recently in Vegas and played a decent amount of 1/2 NL at The Mirage, pretty awesome action there too... As a lot of you know, it's max buy-in $200.Stack Sizes:Hero has $278MP2 has $325ishButton has $400ishPreflop: Hero is dealt 6 6 in Hi-Jack, MP2 raises to $15, Hero calls, CO folds, Button re-raises to $30 total, MP2 calls, Hero calls.Flop: K T 6 ($94 in pot)MP2 checks, Hero loves this flop - but would like to know how you all would proceed...Reads: MP2 is loose aggressive and I'm trying to stack him. Button puts a bit too much money in preflop with good but not great hands, but
  2. I agree with Zach's line for this hand.---------------------------------------------------------A couple quick notes for the future regarding the donk-betting a player capable of raising turn then checking river behind...#1: What hand did he have last time when he raised turn then checked river? If he was just trying to bluff you on the turn, then gave up on the river, you shouldn't donk bet any rivers against him in similar situations down the line expecting a call. Donk betting the river after calling a turn raise should only be used against opponents who made the turn raise unsure if the
  3. I think he calls preflop with T7o and 74o getting these kinds of odds so those hands are not out of the question, just because he respects me doesn't mean he will necessarily fold trash hands. Also you forgot to include 7d Xd hands which would have flopped him middle pair and a flush draw, which he could definitely have played this same way. I'm glad you found the hand interesting though as it seems most people did not. At this point I sorta just wanted to get to a showdown, I don't really know what else to say besides that. I don't mind the turn raise play here though if I was in the right
  4. Without reading replies, I Check/Raise flop. I don't think a LAG CO checks behind on the flop very often at all. I don't care THAT much if it gets checked around. Why? Single clubs are going to be getting plenty of odds to continue on the flop anyways, and if it is checked through on the flop we can make the odds worse for single clubs on the turn by leading.As played, the turn is interesting. We're getting 12.83 to 2, or a little more than 6:1. We have ten outs to a boat or quads, but maybe we should discount that a little since it seems MP1 or CO is going to have KQ or AK etc here a de
  5. The $2 bet might not mean much if you look at the overall pot size etc, but he's telling us some about his hand here, and it also changed the hand a bit since BB folded to it. It did happen so I think it's a little short-sighted to ignore that it happened just because it was small enough where you don't feel it's anywhere different from a check.I do think it's a weird line for villain if he had something big like T 8 or a set, but we don't know much about the villain except that he can check/raise with air if he thinks you're just c-betting. The problem I have is that you just caught him and
  6. He's in BB getting 28:3 on his call, how much he respects me doesn't matter, he can have any hand in the deck here.Anyway I know folding is out of the question on the river, I was just curious to see if anyone would raise the river and what their reasonings are.
  7. Fold.Anyone just call on that flop against opponents like this?
  8. I agree with raising pre-flop. As played, I like the flop lead as we really have no clue where a potential bet is going to come from if we attempt to C/R the flop instead to thin the field. The turn lead is fine, but in a ten way pot shouldn't we consider folding to a raise? The chances someone flopped a set or hit that straight on the turn seem pretty high when the flop is seen ten ways.The queen on the river doesn't really make our hand any stronger than it was on the turn, because I think it's very unlikely our opponent had KT or AT, since he'd likely want to thin the field on the flop.
  9. Background Info: Table is relatively loose passive, though some people will semi-bluff. I have improved my initial $200 buy-in to $268 after playing for 2 hours, my image is standard TAG and the villain (Big Blind) in this hand even said before when I bet heads up against him and he folded a different time, "I respect you." I have already begun racking my chips as I've told everyone I have to catch my plane back home, and the dealer deals me my last hand, UTG... Preflop: My mannerisms appear ready to fold and cash out when I peek at two black queens, I casually toss in 6 chips and announce
  10. "BB is the most loose player I have ever played against. I have seen him continually shove with air many times, and had picked him off making a huge overbet on the river a few hands ago with a busted draw (read: air). He plays wild and is willing to jam with any two most of the times. I have seen him do this from 10NL up to 1000NL. This occured at the 'Xperiment' deep stacks 10NL table on Full Tilt."I guess I don't really understand the point of this post. With this read you posted, it's an OBVIOUS call. I'm guessing you called and he had you beat or something so you're second guessing yours
  11. With UTG fairly short in chips I dislike the re-raise out of position. I especially dislike the size of the re-raise, with all those other people in the pot your chances of just picking it up here aren't good. I'd just call here, and if I did re-raise and get 2 callers, I wouldn't lead out at that flop.
  12. Limp preflop.Bet larger on the flop.Turn bet is fine.I like the check behind on river. He has a 2 here way too often for us to lose any more money. He has a missed club draw a bunch too, but it's rarely ace high and he's not paying off a bet anyway.
  13. Okay, so maybe that decision wasn't a big deal, yes, I folded, and actually the SB showed me AA. On to the next hand, infact, the VERY next hand.Table 2 - 250/500 - No Limit Hold'em - 4:05:36 ET - 2007/08/04Seat 1: wendyholic (515) Seat 2: JakeStr8 (4,160) Seat 3: justint555 (1,795) Seat 4: Zauberhand64 (1,575) Seat 5: guittarrzan (3,430) Seat 6: Bubba83 (6,285)Seat 7: GrizzKid (3,100) Seat 9: shawnb85 (6,140) Bubba83 posts the small blind of 250GrizzKid posts the big blind of 500The button is in seat #5Hero is dealt: T T 1 fold. UTG+1 moves all-in for 515 total. 1 fold. Hijack re-shoves
  14. 6th gets $14.8 Players remain, final table. I've just doubled through someone with AK vs KJ. Blinds rise every 3 minutes. I am the chip leader by a small amount.Table 2 - 250/500 - No Limit Hold'em - 4:05:08 ET - 2007/08/04 Seat 1: wendyholic (515) Seat 2: JakeStr8 (4,160) Seat 3: justint555 (1,795) Seat 4: Zauberhand64 (1,575) Seat 5: guittarrzan (2,930) Seat 6: Bubba83 (6,785)Seat 7: GrizzKid (3,100) Seat 9: shawnb85 (6,140) guittarrzan posts the small blind of 250Bubba83 posts the big blind of 500The button is in seat #4Hero is dealt: 5 5 6 folds. SB moves all-in for 2,930. Hero ???Af
  15. At first I thought this was a brag post about having 1,010 Big Blinds at a 1/2 NL table.Should put TT next time =PI probably would have just called PF, yeah you let a bunch of other people in most likely but I like playing TT for set value from something like the BB at a 9 person table since it's tough to play postflop.
  16. Grinder you slacker...I expect more out of you in the near future.
  17. Did you take 2nd? I just saw this thread. BTW what's up everyone, long time no see, sigh...
  18. A few questions come to mind:Why are you only sitting with $19.50?Why did you bet so small on the turn?Why would you hesitate to call the river one bit?
  19. ^ I don't mind the flat call of the re-raise in position either.
  20. Before Reading Replies:If he is that tight where he is going to likely have an overpair then why not raise on the flop? Let's say he has something like JJ, by just calling on the flop, you've given him a chance to get away from his overpair if a Q K or A come on the turn, and he'll certainly be hesitant if another 8 comes as well as it did.Normally I'd be fine with your flop call if it's against the type of opponent that would just be c-betting a broadway hand most of the time, but your read puts this guy on a big pocket pair, increase the pot right away while he still likes his hand.After Re
  21. I'd bet like $12 on the flop and fold to a C/R, or check the flop AND turn against this type of opponent. If an ace rivers with the 2nd line and he bets, you fold. Otherwise you call any reasonably sized bet.
  22. I was at the game last night. We had pretty good seats 15 rows up behind the Sharks bench. It was really disheartening to see the Red Wings score and tie it up with 30 seconds left in regulation. To be honest though, the entire game I felt lucky that the Sharks even had a lead, they were playing very lazily, and were on their heels all game after the first period. The Red Wings were also not playing very well until the late stages of the game. This series has been a huge dissapointment for me so far because we've really seen some very uninspired play from both teams. I just hope the Shar
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