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  1. He could have floated and picked up a flush draw, but I think looking back it should be a fold. He could be thin value betting 99 or something here too if he thinks I have a 6?I called the $20 on the turn, and the river went check/check, he tabled J Q :spade:I hate the way I played it.
  2. Why'd you post us your hand if you're asking us to make a decision as the button on the river? It's clearly leading to biased replies.
  3. The read was posted with the hand initially.On the turn, I checked, he bet $20, now what? Pretty small bet right? What could it mean?
  4. I wouldn't check/call turn. We only have about $4,500 here and he's betting $2,150 of it, if he has a draw of some kind we don't want him checking behind on the river after missing. If we're playing here we should check/raise all-in on the turn.
  5. He's not straightforward, he's LAGgy and just lost a moderately sized pot. I don't think his call of my bet on the flop necessarily means I am beat, he could be getting a little tilty, but it's speculation. If this guy was a rock I wouldn't have even posted this hand.
  6. Oops, I read this post wrong. But I don't think we should assume he is passive after only 30 hands. The VPIP of 80% is obviously very high and even after only a small sample of 30 hands, we can trust it, but the agro factors shouldn't be valued too highly here in my opinion.
  7. I didn't mind too much, did really well overall the entire time I was there and even ended that session up a bit still.
  8. Alright, It looks like most people prefer check/call flop, check/fold turn. I'll now post what I did on the flop, and what card came on the turn.Flop: 3 6 Q $21 in potHero bets $15, BB folds, MP1 calls.Turn: 7 $51 in potHero...Now what do we do?
  9. Calm down guys... If either of you really think your advice is that much better than the others it will be confirmed by the rest of the posters shortly anyway. Let's try to not make things personal here, I welcome all advice even if it's not the way I think is best because at least it makes me realize why the way I think about it is better, etc.If we use check/call here, how large of a bet are we willing to call? Are we ever willing to check/raise depending on bet size?
  10. 1/2 NL at Full Tilt, 9 players at the table.Stack Sizes:Hero has $317MP1 has $302BB has $206Reads: BB is fairly new to the table, MP1 is a bit LAG and he just lost a moderately sized pot.Preflop: Hero is dealt T T in SB.2 folds, MP1 raises to $7, 4 folds, Hero calls, BB calls.Flop: 3 6 Q $21 in potHero...I feel like I play these sort of hands poorly. Feel free to evaluate preflop as well. Once we decide on a line for the flop I will post how I played it and if I got to a turn, we will continue from there.
  11. I don't think you should call the 3-bet on the flop if you're going to fold to a likely shove on the turn, which is coming like 95% of the time.If for some reason you think you're ahead on the flop, shove the flop, don't call the 3-bet. But I don't think you're ahead so I fold to the 3-bet.
  12. I see you asked about BM rules for limit, are we to assume you'll be playing live? If so, are you sure they spread a game as small as .50/1? If they do, I'd be surprised if the rake is much less if at all than 3/6, and you should really look at the rake because it might be impossible to win in a game like that.
  13. I'm with Acid Knight there... As I said before if he's capable of check raising air/semibluffing on the turn I like the check, but the reads suggest that he isn't crafty so I'd bet. I disagree with the "If he called the river he would have called the turn" logic, that makes no sense because if you bet the turn your hand looks a TON stronger than it does checking the turn and betting the river after being checked to. Also, those of you who are saying bet the turn, how much? I like $50-55 because it sufficiently charges him with a draw and gives us the same information as a larger bet, costi
  14. If the blinds never believe it they are calling with hands worse than Q9s on average so we have the best hand a lot, have position and have the betting lead. Also when we do have a hand on the button we make more money.
  15. I limp both 99 and AK preflop out of the SB, I hate bloating pots out of position in general, and your read is that the guy is unbluffable so you're making it really hard on yourself by taking the lead since you are going to c-bet into a guy who is going to scare you by calling.As for the turn, check/fold is good if you know villain won't bluff. Since he's a calling station he could have called on the flop with a bunch of hands you beat, so I don't mind the bet, fold to the min-raise.
  16. I like the flop raise and sizes of the bets preflop, on the flop, and on the turn.I hate the all-in on the river though. It looks like he's probably got a jack with a decent kicker, but I think he folds to an all-in on the river putting you on a queen or even KK, AA.I'd throw in a bet of like $25 on the river, if he check raises the river all-in I don't know what I'm doing though, probably calling?
  17. You've made some decent cases for the way you played it, and I think I've made a decent case for the way I would have played it, and I'm guessing it's pretty close either way, since each way has it's advantages/disadvantages. I am curious to see what some other usual posters think.
  18. Agreed, if we hadn't put any money in yet we should fold small pairs for 3-bets preflop, but we initially raised so it only costs us 2 more small bets to call into a pot that we know will contain 13 small bets and will likely have a lot of action postflop... We know our hand is likely no good anymore, but it doesn't matter because now we are looking at our hand for set value exclusively (or maybe an open ended straight draw).
  19. The reason I like the turn check with the A is it induces bluffs a bunch wether the 4th heart comes or not.The board is pretty scary on the turn, but I don't see him having a straight here ever since you said he is a decent player. If you bet $50 on the turn and get raised, you can fold and it will likely have cost the same as if he has the flush/boat and you pay off a river bet after the turn checks through. Of course this is assuming you don't think he will bluff very often if at all with a turn check raise.
  20. If you had the A I wouldn't mind the turn check. I think we should bet about $50-60 on the turn to charge him if he has a single heart.As played, river bet is a size I like, as it now seems he likely holds something like TT
  21. Pretty easy fold if you ask me, still 2 people behind you who can wake up with a hand, and it's very possible one of the two raisers already has you beat.I'm confused now though because it's 9 handed and you're the 5th person to act based on your preflop action, you should be the 7th person to act.
  22. Me too, that's why I was asking what limits he is planning on playing. Her advice is still good even for low stakes games though, you just have to ignore her lessons on bluffing since you're seeing a showdown so much at the lower stakes games.
  23. I'm just curious, what was your line on the flop? What were you planning to do if he bet like 2/3 the pot?
  24. If you're going to fold the turn when he bets your stack because you're afraid of a set, why not fold on the flop instead?
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