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  1. would you have posted this if you won the hand ;)the time you laydown top 2 at this level in a spot like this should be the time you quit poker.
  2. Is this for sharkscope?Yeah, i meant tracking software. Sorry for not making myself clear. I play on Full Tilt under the username Kierkegaard1
  3. I don't currently have any poker software. I play exclusively 6max SNG's. What software would be best for me, if any?thanks.
  4. Although the K on the turn looks scary, it seems a pretty safe card to me. He's passing AQ on the flop if he has any sense (and raising it if it was AhQh), and he wouldnt be raising UTG with Q9/calling a re-raise preflop with Q9...so i don't put him on a straight on the turn. You could definitely get away with charging 450ish on the flop, then half the pot on the turn to charge a flush draw. I'd probably just call a river bet, just in case he has played AhQh slow.
  5. I only have a limited PLO knowledge, but if a big pot is shaping up i'm definitely folding AAXXos. Because essentially you're aiming to flop your set. If you don't, you have no idea where you are in the hand and could very easily stack off. I don't even like playing 2 pair in the hole (os) in PLO, for the same reason. I think it has a much higher ev (especially in multi-way pots) to be playing double suited/connecting cards.But as i said, my knowledge is limited, and i could very well be (and probably am) wrong.
  6. So my flop aggression is fine?FYI, he had 62 and his hand held up...not that it matters much.
  7. Hi, i've been involved in quite an interesting pot playing live, and was wondering if there was any other way i could have played it.Firstly, myself and the villain have some history. We get on great, but our styles are both similar in that we're both prepared to bet/raise with air and take people/eachother off big hands. An example of this is last week (blinds $1/$1...Mine and villains stacks are deep at about $700 each) when i had AA on the button. It's been straddled, with 2 callers. I make it $12 to go. Villain calls in BB, 2 others call. Flop is 67T rainbow. All check to me. I fire $30. V
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