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  1. whats up hostile...I play these 50 hu matches all day, I got about 1800 matches logged two tabling for about 730 hours... but I play the 4 man hu tourneys not the one table tourney so bank roll needs maybe different but should n't be that much off, 2000 down swings can happen so if ur planning grinding long term in these games i would reccomend at least 2000 .... looks like u won about 65% of ur games... pretty damn good but not even Johhny Chan would be able to keep that up long term... long term if u are good its around mid 50's so i would tailor ur expectations to aboutt that range....for 4
  2. I ve played HU tourneys for the last two weeks full time 80 hours .... 40 in the $50 dollar games and just moved up to the $100 dollar games. Basically the goal is to win at least 56% or more to be make decent profit long term .... ideally you want 58% and above. If you win 60% at $100 HU tourney your talking about $38 bucks an hour which comes out to nearly $80, 000 a year. And games do not last an hour they can but on average it is about 20 minutes. But the best thing about HU tourney is that, if you are a winning player you should be taking home profit every week and not encounter t
  3. Who the hek complains that low limit is not beatable?????
  4. OK smash, I'm ignorant for not buying and reading a book I have no use for. How would you like to buy a book teaching you to golf if you never planned to golf in your life. It's just wasted money for me right now as I play limit maybe 1 hour a week waiting for tables to open.It is useful for limit or no limit, because it will give a true sense of the value of your hand in terms of outs, pot odds, implied odds and position
  5. This decision is now based totally on your read of this player. Honestly though if he has 44 that would be a very stiff raise with the nuts. I would expect a raise that would want to milk a little more money not a raise of over 4x the original bet. What are you reads on these players?? I think an all in is the way to go depending on your read. He also could have a 56 for an open ender or just ace 4 but I don't know if he is capable of doing this, with out any read.
  7. your raising 75% of the hands you play????? do you know how high that is. I hope you don't play alot of hands.
  8. Get Virtual PC. That way you play on all the sites too. not just poker room
  9. He did make a silly bluff all in on Daniel at the borgata when Daniel was already committed to the pot. But aside from that weird play he made it to the final table last year at WSOP and the final table at Borgata. That is good year to me. Considering the amount of money cashed
  10. Anyone know where I can find some auto rating rules for pokertracker 6 max Holdem. Or how I should change the default full ring rules to cater to 6 max holdem play.
  11. Oh I see I didn't know the rematch was still going. thanks
  12. Has Daniel played 3 matches of Stud with Barry? It says in the forum he is 1 for 3 with Barry and with Joe Cassidy 1 for 2. I didn't know he had a rematch with Joe Cassidy
  13. Did he say he used played 80/160 with a bank roll of $3200. Huh. 20BB? Well he must of been living with his mom back then because no matter how good you are no body would put his rent money or mortgage out like that.
  14. There only few people in the world that play in 4k/ 8K and those other two are definetely not one of them.
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