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  1. Thread delivers for sure.Lucky Mello, you don't live tooo far from me. I'd like to propose a live HU match between the two of us. 5/10nl whatever location you want, I'll come to your parent's house if you want and your dad can deal the game. Only restriction is your boy with the sunglasses and the blowout in the gallery photo is not allowed to be present because it will likely put me on tilt. We must play for a set amount of hours and each time I bust you you must reload for the full amount of 1k. If you beat me, I'll pay you double whatever amount you beat me for. If I beat you I get to take over your awesome web page. book it.
    This hasn't gotten the love it deserves. Thread highlight IMO
  2. Actually not. She is very hot in that movie. She was also very hot in Porky's. Seriously. She just got old and annoying in Sex and the City, but oddly, she was still ok to look at naked.Also, Jack Burton and the Pork Chop Express are gods.nuthin or double Jack?nuthin or double Wang
    QFTI take some prode that with all the garbage on here it took my post to get suitedaces to snap
  3. So I "stumbled upon" a thread. The OP posed the following thought experiment:Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Right? I imagine sitting on the sun and discovering that in about one minute the sun will explode and disappear. Now, it takes about eight minutes for light to travel to earth, and nothing, not even gravity, can move at a greater speed. This gives my fellow humans a little over eight minutes to act (eight minutes + the several seconds before the explosion). Can I warn them? No, I can’t. Any kind of communication would take more than eight minutes. But! What if I had a pencil long enough to reach the earth? (Already in place, ready to start writing.) The humans can read my message as I am writing it. Would this work? Could we say that in this case a thought would travel faster than the speed of light? Guy 1's answer was:Wouldn’t work. As you move your end of the pencil, a wave is created along its length. That wave can’t move faster than light. Guy 2's answer was:This is incorrect, the movement of all points along the pencil would (more or less) simultaneously since the electrostatic attraction exchange particles are gamma photons generated as one charge moves within the field of another. since the particles at your end are moveing, they move their neighbouring particles by means of exchange gamma photons travelling between them. However, those particles are also moving relative to their nearest and are generating exchenge particles with them almost simultaneously. The generating pairs will altenate along the length of the pencil simultaneously rather than sequentially because when a pair is repelling, the individual atoms that make up this system may be either attracting or repelling a neighbour on a different face. So, yes George, in theory you could communicate faster than light in this way.What do you say? Obviously the set up itself is impossible for many reasons, but if we set aside the difficulties of a 93 million mile long pencil could we communicate faster than light with it?

  4. They say they will show because they don't want you to call out of pure curiosity. Its a bluff, or a weak hand.Of course, maybe they know you know the above statement and acutally want a call. They have a monsterOr maybe they know that you know that they know the above statement. So they actually don't want a call, its a bluff. And so on.

  5. Whats the poker like in the Tahoe area? Anyone have any suggestions?? Heading out there next weekend with 2 of by brothers and their families. The ganbooling might be at a minumum (my brothers aren't players) but I'm gonna do my best to try and fit some in.

  6. My wife and/or significant other sure does drive me crazy!We are very different from one another!She bothers me while I watch sporting events. I scratch my balls while she tries to communicate with me!And don't get me started on other drivers! Sheesh!

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