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  1. Economic transactions are not zero sum games.
    By "zero sum game" you mean a situation where one person must "lose" and those losses go to the winner correct?So doesn't that make taking advantage of the poker moron even worse? Because for you to win he must lose? At least this guy got a product at a price he agreed to pay.
  2. OK, so a moron agreed to pay a high price that he agreed to, and the OP profits. Did the OP take advantage of him? Yeah, in a sense he did.Anybody here ever take advantage of a moron in order to profit from him? Isn't that what this site is all about?In poker, as in this situation..**The moron knows exactly what he is getting into, and agrees to "pay"**The moron loses money, and gets pissed.I know I'll get flamed and everyone will say poker is completely different..... but I think the poker skills are very similar to those in economic / investing / smart money practices in general.Just my two cents.

  3. I personally like a simple, streamlined browser. I like the way the tabs work, and it was very easy to use. I never found much use for all the nic-nacs you can add to firefox. I'm sure that as time goes on it will have a buttload of add-ons so you can load it up as you wish.I do miss stumpleupon, though.

  4. I am about to que it up.
    LOL. The last twenty seconds are the best, watch the whole thing.I can't imagine anybody could get much $$ from those bracelets, black market or otherwise. If they have have a brain they will never even try to sell them. Could get busted via the cars + motorcycle though.
  5. This must be some sort of level that I don't understand, because NBA Jam for SNES was awsome. Now, can I get some love for Double Dribble for NES??? You know you loved those slo-mo black and white dunks! Anybody too young to get in on Doube Dribble should probably just kill themselves now because you've never really lived.Or you could get a copy or emulation of the game.

  6. perhaps there are 5 answer choices on this exam?
    Perhaps you can eliminate one choice?But even with 5 choices its a break-even bet.To look at it another way, if you randomly fill in 100 5 choice questions, are expected to get 20 correct for 20 points. The other 80 you lose 1/4 point each for -20. Overall, zero - the same as not answering any. It seems to me you should always guess, because at worst its break even with five choices if you are making a totally random choice. However, usually you can eliminate one or more choices, or at least get a "feeling" about one choice that is better than the others, pushing the odds into your favor. BTW the test I am speaking of is the high school AP exam (I'm a teacher) and several guides to the exam I've come across advise against guessing, or say only to guess if you can reduce the choices to 50/50. So I wonder if I'm missing something, but it doesn't look like it to me.
  7. I've heard that on these types of exams you should not guess unless you can eliminate some choices. But it seems to me that even a guess among four choices is +ev..1/4 of the time you get it right and earn one point: 0.25 X 1 = +0.253/4 of the time you get it wrong and lose 1/4 point: 0.75 X -0.25 = -0.1875add ev = 0.25 + -0.1875 = +0.0625Compare this to your EV from leaving the question blank which is zero, and it looks to be like guessing is OK - of course the EV only increases if you CAN eliminate choices. The other option is that I'm a dumbass and doing this all wrong. Which is it?

  8. TBH I think this is not something you want. I'd rather play bad big stacks.
    All things being equal, of course youd rather play poor players wid huge wads of dough in front of them. But, at least in my very limited experience, I found that these smaller places offered the best overall chances of winning. On another day the Venitian might be a gold mine, I don't know.
  9. That apology doesn't make alot of sense... but from what I could gather is hes saying "they wanted to drink, I out drank them, they wanted to be a**holes, and I out-a**holed them, and by the way I'm the best ever so I out played them too."Makes me think even less of him, actually.

  10. The Venetian has a great poker room -- but in my opinion the solftest games at at the smaller places that get less traffic - the Riveria itself for example, and the Stratosphere. Both allow people to buy in real short, so you battle a lot of small stacks that have no clue, but for the most part their money is a dead as can be. Take my word for it. Play a late night session at the Strat, and watch the parade of donks donate to the table.

  11. have u people ever been drunk?? geez......seriously.........it's like u've never seen someone drinking and acting like a douche bag before.......I really don't think he acts like an idiot all the time (I might be wrong )but some people seem pretty hypocritical to me.
    a) Sure, I’ve gotten drunk and done embarrassing things many times. (Dancing on tables, attempting to do cartwheels in the bar parking lot, humping couches, etc.) But in these cases I’m a buffoon, not a rude a-hole like Scotty.B) Its all about the TIME and PLACE. Being drunk and obnoxious with your friends on a Saturday night is forgivable, being drunk and obnoxious at your daughter’s 11th birthday party is not.EDIT: no idea why that smiley is there cant get rid of it
  12. My fav quote of the night:Scotty: You f*ucking lucky the only reason you still here is I f*uckin nice"Eric L: "I don't give a sh*it"Later Eric leaves Flack hanging on the high five and says " I couldn't beat a drunk. I hope the kid wins it."lol

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