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  1. I don't know if it was because the Senators were so bad or Pitts was that good, but I have a feeling they are going to be in the final.
  2. It's unfortunate, the internet and the faceless society it is causes people to go to a level they normally wouldn't in "the real world" because they don't really see a person in front of them. No matter where you go online you can find people that like to flame anyone and everyone. Others will join in and feed it and it always grows from there.
  3. That was a crazy 3rd period but very entertaining. I thought we were going to go to OT and then I didn't and then I did and then I didn't...lolI think the Habs will come out flying in game 7 though. Guy won't let them come out flat will he?
  4. So what does Tehtoe win for the 1,000,000th reply in the General Poker Forum?
  5. I love Thanksgiving Day because the Cowboys always play, although they don't always come to play.
  6. Proof we need to get rid of those dam electronic voting machines
  7. Police are taser crazy lately, so we should see some good taser videos on YouTube after the Habs win the series then.
  8. Ouch...The mistake Price made dropping the puck in front of the net could cost them tonight. It doesn't look like they'll come back from that and we'll have to hope they can come back strong next game.
  9. I have a feeling there is going to be a lot more than just blame being thrown around with this over the next few weeks or so. I'd hope that people would be able to keep this tragic event from turning into something it shouldn't.
  10. DN DN DN DN DN DN DN DN DN I'm wondering if she is really sleeping or faking and just hiding her face because she doesn't want anyone to know it's her. I don't even want to speculate and be the one to start some rumor that get's spread around the poker world in the span of 2 minutes. :PThat is so funny though, bringing the interviewer and camera person right into the bedroom knowing she's in the bed.
  11. Truly a sad thing even with all the negative stuff that has been going on and I'd hate to think someone would make this up.
  12. After reading that, there is no way I'll ever mess with Doyle Brunson. Heck, after he beats Patrik, he'll beat him again with his crutch.
  13. I see Being from Windsor I take it you're a regular at the Casino...Is there anything special happening at there in the next few months? Also, how has it been with the US dollar dropping like a rock?
  14. Jennifer Harman isn't one of the best women poker players, she is one of the best poker players period. I'm not just saying that because she is also one of the hottest female poker players either
  15. I am pretty sure I see players getting in the face of the goalie and trying to distract him in every single game. I think what Avery did this time was just make it too obvious. If he was just skating and ran the goalie nothing would have really came of it.
  16. Is that because of what is happening to the Sens or because of the hate and make up fest between the two guys before you?
  17. What about us kiddies that have been out of school for some time now...Are we invited too?
  18. Just give me a chair and make sure snacks and beverages are ready to go for those really long poker sessions and I'm good to go.
  19. Basically all three are no good. All three are from the pit of Washington that is responsible for where the country is. The Democrat vs Republican show is for your amusement and the majority fall for it year after year.It's like choosing to die by fire, drowning or overdose. Each one is more comfortable than the other , but in the end...you're dead.
  20. Those are some tough beats. Poker is fun sometimes isn't it? You should start a thread for when you're on the other side of those so you can see if they even out over time.
  21. Sorry to hear you got rolled for the $11 stake, but congrats on ThePhoenix88 getting some of that back for you. Too bad it didn't cover all the stakes though. Hopefully it was just some technical difficulties and he'll refund the $11.
  22. This sounds like a fun time that the high rollers will be able to take advantage of. With only 18 spots open I'm sure they will be taken fast even with the $15,000 price tag. Should have just had it the weekend prior to the WSOP main event then those attending could throw another $10,000 into that and use what they learned from the weekend with DN :-P
  23. It mostly has something to do with the US laws and the gubment trying to control online gambling in general or so I'm lead to believe.
  24. Naw...that can't be it because they'll bump up those threads, sometimes each will be repeating the same things others said over and over. I just think they enjoy doing it really. This goes on in every type of forum. It gives some people a feeling of power because they never can just jump into a conversation they hear strangers talking in real life they don't like and start ripping the person a new one.
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